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– Oh! – Like, you think it’s fine. – (laughing) Then it gets ya! – Welcome back to a very special episode of Homemade vs The Internet. – Why is it so special today, Robin? – Today, Ivy, we are paying homage to the people that have influenced us, making a treasured family recipe. – What do you call your grandmother? – Grandma. – I call mine Nana. – So today we are actually gonna make Grandmom and Nana’s recipes, but, – But! We have to use cricket flour. (upbeat music) – Cricket flour is
roasted, dried up crickets which are pulverized into flour! My grandmother is probably
rolling in her grave right now. – Well my grandmother is very much alive but it’s actually her mother’s recipe too. – Well there you go, as long as somebody’s rolling in their graves,
we’re having a good time. Well what is your recipe first off? – It’s tea cakes. – I’m making… chocolate pound cake. It has a half pound of margarine and a half cup of shortening, and it says right here
“don’t use substitutes.” Everything’s better with Blue Bonnet only!
– Oh boy! All right let’s just get right in. – Let’s do it! So you’ve made this recipe a lot. A lot a lot. So I have never made this recipe (laughs). – Oh, Nana I am so sorry. – I’ve never made this recipe. – Okay. – But, I have enjoyed it
throughout my lifetime. Up until today. How strong do you think
the cricket flour’s gonna come through? – We’re gettin’ full on fish food here. Are you subbing the whole
amount of cricket flour? For the,
– Yeah what is it, what’s your thing? – It calls for three and a half cups of all purpose flour. So I’m gonna do one cup of cricket flour. – Mine calls for three cups of all purpose I’m doing two and one
of the cricket flour, not because I’m trying to cheat it, cricket flour just doesn’t have, like, the glutenous properties to
actually hold it together. I want the cake to actually be a cake. So I’m actually gonna use bread flour since there’s no gluten in this and this has extra gluten. Just to lend the cake structure. But I really don’t know
what’s gonna happen. (suspenseful music) (slow comedic music) – [Ivy] It’s pretty rank. – Whew! It tastes like dead bugs! Quarter teaspoon of salt. – Isn’t your daughter named
after your grandmother? – My daughter is named after
her four great-grandmothers. – I was not named after my grandmother but all the girls in our family
share the same middle name. Her mother was a middle name Elizabeth, she’s a middle name Elizabeth, my mom, me, my daughter in 25 years. You remember that one time that I told you that I watch Gunsmoke? – Are you (beep) serious? (laughing) Gunsmoke? Is this who you watch Gunsmoke with? – Yeah, we would make the tea cakes, and while they were baking, we would get in a really
good episode of Gunsmoke. – Okay, so we’ve got our
dry ingredients together, going to cream the
margarine, the shortening, and the sugar. You know, I’ve cooked professionally for – More years than I am alive? – Maybe. Yeah, this is my 23rd year. – 25 – Yeah, so, close. I believe this is the first time I’ve ever opened margarine in my life. – I have two different instructions. One of them says, “pinch dough about the size of a quarter, place on pan approximately
1/2 inch apart”. But then off to the side, I also have, “roll into a ball about a gumball size, place 1 inch apart or roll
dough and cut with cutter. You know, these old timey recipes, they always had the “or do this” or “bake in a hot oven” – Cinnamon, sugar, whoa my God. – 2 cups of sugar? – Three. – Wha? – I don’t even know if this
is physically possible. – This smells so bad. – I’m wondering since
mine has cocoa powder, if it won’t actually be
as obnoxiously different. Now this would be a good episode for users to share their experiences with. Because there are I’m
sure people out there that have more experience
than both of us put together. – You want to give it a go? – Sure? I don’t mind. – Whew! – It’s not that bad, oh there it is. Oh, yeah. – It’s the after taste. – It gets a little buggy at the end. – You could definitely make
your own cricket flour, just in case you were wanting to recreate these recipes at home. – Mhmm – Go to your local cricket
store, (crickets chirping) AKA live bait, let those things dry out, and then buzz em up. – Uh, all right, I’m ready – Me, too. – How long do your cook for? – Let’s see here, Nana. She wrote a note on here. Love the many times we made
these together Georgia girl. – Wow. – How sweet. – This might be the first
time I cry on this show. – This is the first time
I’ve made them without her. – Is it? – Uh huh, I hope I made her proud. You need help? – Sure, you want to butter and
flour that pan right there? That’s cricket flour, one of them. – Oh, for sure, let’s do it. – Just get that nice exterior
coating of cricket flour. – It’s a nice coating
of the cricket flour. – Yeah it is. This actually, and I say
this knowing that the world is a very diverse and large place. This might be the first
time anybody has buttered and floured a pan with
cricket flour anywhere in the entire universe. All right, I’m going to
pop these in the oven. – Me, too. And like TV magic, we’ll see you in a bit. (suspenseful music) All right, Robin, how’s your cricket cake? – Well, I’m about to unmold em. This is the one that I did
the pan with regular flour. (pan banging) – Is that really necessary? – Well, that didn’t work out so well. Oh, that one did though. – Oooh, that’s the cricket flour one? – Mm-hmm (affirmative),
let’s just ice this one. I, um – Underestimated the amount
of icing that you needed? – No. – Look at the butt end. What if that was supposed to
ice the two cakes that you had? – All right, I’m done. (dramatic music) – Towards the camera,
Robin, towards the camera. – Sorry – Moment of truth? Oh, God, I get the cricket immediately? – Do you? I don’t get it that much. Oh, yeah, that’s really bad. – Okay, well here Wash it down – Hold on, oh yeah, that’s terrible. Ugh. That’s awful. – I like the sandy texture,
more in the cookie, than I do in the cake. – It makes sense in a cookie. – I don’t hate, I’d eat this. – No, I mean I think nobody
would guess there’s crickets. – I would not know They’d be like hmm, “is
this whole wheat?” Or “is this gluten free?” – Those are delicious. So, – I know – I mean, yeah, I would say yours win. – Based off of taste – Based off of taste, yeah. Obviously, I would eat that
before I would ate that. – Yeah, for sure. (upbeat music) But, I wouldn’t say that
yours was a total fail. – I would say – I mean, it doesn’t taste good. – Great job Whooo, Nana
– Woooo Nana, Georgia girl made you proud today, thank you so much for
helping me pull out a W with these cricket flour cookies. – And thank you guys for watching – Be sure to like, – Subscribe, – Comment, – And share. – We’ll see you next time on
Home Made vs. the Internet – By everybody, thanks for watching!

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  1. I freakin hate crickets an of course there is a ton this time of year in Dallas. SO I AM 100% SUPPORTING CRICKET FLOUR. I am not eating it BUT I will support anyone who wants to lol

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