Cheerleaders & Football Players React To Netflix’s Cheer & Try Iconic Cheer Routines

we’re actually gonna have you try out
some cheer moves yourself have you heard about the show cheer Oh like on Netflix
yes I have Cheers yes cheer no and it appears to become
kind of like a worldwide phenomenon recently so for this episode we brought
in some football players to kind of bring a different perspective on
cheerleading since we’ve seen a lot of people online who don’t really consider
cheerleading to be a sport yes even though it’s quite physically demanding
and a lot of them just assume that they’re kind of meant to cheer on the
football teams I see where we go yeah there’s something
that you’re trying for to get better but that don’t make it a sport exactly take
get things started we wanted to show you the trailer of this cheer series so you
can understand it a little bit better but we won’t have you be watching it
alone I’m a cheerleader I’m a football player how are you good so I was going
going and I lost our cheerleader and what he said was wrong cheer is a sport
Oh marques i watch this and you’re gonna be blown
away if you think that it’s not a sport I’ve won the Grand Championship they
could beat anybody that’s crazy so fun fact is some of these are friends
of mine people all over the country come here to cheer and fall Monica my goal
was to be the best year program in the country we only compete once for two minutes and
15 seconds in Daytona Daytona that’s what is like a goal for all cheerleaders
like cheer teams competition teams to go out there and compete and you know
essentially get bragging rights and credibility we only compete once for two
minutes and 15 seconds how many minutes do y’all plan a football game about an
hour because you’re the like literally people don’t realize that you get two
minutes and 30 seconds on the mat that’s your entire career we have kids that
come from broken home or troubled paths I kind of lost myself if I wouldn’t have
came here I’d be sitting in a jail cell right now I hold things in because I
feel like I’ll be judged sometimes we’re always just and she
always those are my kids I’ll fight tooth and nail for them she knows how to
that’s when you coach literally becomes like your second mom so hard you never
want to drop a girl no or anybody if you want to be one of the top teams at the
competition you have to step it up do what you are here to do
Israel dangerous to you behind what we’re reaching I’ll see ya you football
there’s no boss we don’t look whoever thought of chucking someone into area
and see how many times that person is psychotic
but yeah I’m a crazy person but that’s it this is a great flier this great
technique everything you know this trailer made me self-conscious about my
ability for love I don’t know I’m kind of a loss for words that people take it
this seriously here isn’t just the pom-poms and just saying rah rah go team
anymore like people don’t realize the athleticism like the hard work that goes
into it so I’m glad they actually showed like how hard we work like these actual
stunts that we do yes we do fall yes we do get hurt one of my friends invited me
to practice and was like hey do you want to come to cheerleading practice and I
was like nah vraa that’s kind of gay knowing full well that I’d like dudes
but it’s fine it’s whatever okay and I went and man I found a world that
embraced me and then and as a person but also challenged me as an athlete and
it’s addicting because you never stop so today to see how difficult cheer
actually is and if it might be a sport or not we’re actually gonna have you try
out some cheer moves yourself hahahaha this is ajumma and this is dude this is
me nobody told me I was gonna be in this if it’s my routine in 2013 dude oh my
god that’s nuts I’m literally right here in the front row so good I wish my jumps look like that incredible Wow lotta jumping up jump in there okay
so you guys ready to teach and try some cheer out today yes get it I should have
stretched before I hated and know that I’ll just simply say I’ll do what I can
I think a lot of guys have the strength to do it it’s just the technique I feel
you can learn it that’s that’s that’s a really good thing because I know people
think it’s just about being stupid strong and it’s not you know it’s also a
lot about a lot of good techniques like your baby jump okay all right okay so
one two three four five six oh no the legs stay in yeah when you clap make
sure that you’re like everything is in you don’t wanna be like this you want to
be like this in tight okay so you’re gonna bring your W hold up yeah you’re
gonna bring your feet up to here below your bring both them up at the same time
so okay up off the ground you’ll bring them up to that position and then you’ll
land with your hands just below your knees so you’ll basically end up hitting
this position midair make sense this is the simplest thing you can fusion as
simple as all right one two four six good job five six seven clean when I hit
the thing I hit it five six seven eight one two three four
five six seven eight Wow next up we are going to show some stunt clips don’t
don’t worry you will not be stunting here today but a major part of being one
of the top girls and cheerleading is flexibility and being able to hit those
kind of poses at the top of the pyramid yeah this is Top Gun I cheer for them
when I was in Miami no you don’t pick me up like that yes which girl yeah it’s always fun to
see like like fully grown adults start with children she is a beast and she’s
probably like 5 years old she’s so young so small technique his girlfriend
invented it now that she’s so good that takes you know day to day flexibility
stretching courage that’s crazy if you got two or three guys down there like I
feel like it’s not that’s a good operation is crazy but think of it like
this a lot of the times the cheer isn’t very guy heavy so a lot of the bases are
gonna be women doing this which is what makes cheer amazing because sometimes
you go out there and you see four girls throwing things that even I can throw
and it’s just like wow like they will be harder than any outfit I’ve ever met so
if you stand here and you pick up your left foot you want to put the arch of
your foot by your knee right here and you want to lift your knee up as high as
possible hold it hold a glass of water right here let suck that foot in don’t
bend down to get your foot your foot is gonna come up to you yeah kick it up just so simple just pick it up okay probably probably oh yeah I can get it yeah that’s easy Wow okay
I love yes and the leg was straightened up flex the foot but that’s alright
Jesus okay we made it work so for our last round we’re actually gonna have you
guys learn a short cheer routine together from one of the most popular
cheer movies of all time oh it’s a bring it on you know which one
one two or three he knows good bring it all the way I got scissors
I’ve seen this oh yes Gabi it’s cold oh I love this movie a lot of people
think cheer is just bring it on which is great that cheer on Netflix came out
because you get a little bit more insight I’d watch that see you girl I’ve
watched that one even the muggles like we got this giddy I’m just gonna like
copy off of you the whole time all right it’s cold in here there must
be some clunkers in the app there must be some Cobras in the act
yes then slow it down these tears are not boiling okay in and out further I’m
hungry now I’m a workable appetite so now that you have tried out some moves
yourself Micah feeling awfully great best believe next sign up for cheer imma
be the top of the list I definitely wouldn’t do for fun or as a sport but it
is a sport you know just don’t man out there yeah let us know some behind it’s
definitely to not be undermined it takes a team effort there are no individuals
in cheerleading you gonna have to be in sync a little less confident that I was
when I walked in oh did you know what I appreciate my partner here because he
definitely helped me and gave me you know the support I needed
yeah we’re supportive that’s what cheerleaders are for finally to end this episode
what do you guys want to say to those out there that might not think that
cheerleading is a sport now that you’ve tried it yourself oh it’s a sport that
was probably one of the harder things I’ve ever had to try as far as physical
activity people should take it a little bit more seriously because people are
really passionate about it you know just the same way as they’re passionate about
football or you know soccer anything like that you try to be flexible and
then still gotta maintain your conditioning your stamina it’s a lot of
commitment at the end of the day I still feel like this infamous it’s not sport
they they some high intensity high level athlete
and it’s a profession for sure traditionally it is true that it wasn’t
a sport and the traditional style of cheerleading is non-competitive and it’s
strictly supportive to our teams and then it evolved into competitive
all-star cheerleading and some people aren’t quite caught up on that world so
I don’t really take too much offense to it now because the Olympic Union is now
like deemed SS sports everybody else can kick rocks thank you so much for
watching this episode what show should we react to next let us
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  2. If we can call dressage, fox hunting or bog snorkelling sports, can we really say no to competitive cheerleading which from the looks of it is basically group gymnastics?

  3. 1:00
    Guys.. are you sure you didn't bring in some awkward geeks from the chess club by mistake? I'm a one and this is exactly how I act when girls talk to me.

  4. My younger sister is an all star cheerleader and let me just say, cheer is 100% a sport. Currently, it’s competition season, so she has practice for like 3 hours several times a week and then goes to competitions every weekend. The dedication alone is insane and what she can do is crazy. I could never do any of what she could do. She just got a summit bid this past weekend so huge congrats to her.

  5. It's a sport… even when you're a little girl doing it like I was. I was a flyer because even at almost 40 now, I'm 4'9" so as a younger person. Always petite and tiny…flying was easy. Just remember to squeeze like you got $100 between your cheeks to get locked & squeezed throughout

  6. No one realises just how much of a team sport it is cause if you’re missing a flyer or a base for one reason that’s it no practice no nothing you need everyone to make it work

  7. I can tell from personal experience, that cheerleading is indeed a sport. You are literally putting her life in your hands.

  8. And now, let`s see cheerleaders try football against the guys (the guys cannot go soft on them but should play as if it were a real practice session)

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  10. for all of you who still don’t think cheer is a sport search up “ca cheetahs worlds 2018” and “tglc worlds 2017” on youtube

  11. I would have to say that the competitions of cheerleading would be considered a sport but on a day to day basis its not cause you are just cheering and not competing for anything.

  12. all the people saying cheers not a sport struggle getting chips from the bag to their mouth so please dont waste your time arguing with them

  13. I was a cheerleader for 8 years and let me say I'm not the most flexible but it is difficult, I used to drive a hr tto go to a 6 hr practice every single day after school, I got several injuries from this, even not being a few years after I stopped, I still know and keep up with my stretches etc it full on becomes part of your life and u gave to go for every jump, stunt etc

  14. Cheer is definitely a sport. I don’t know why it’s set to some people that it’s not. That shits hard work. I WISH

  15. If you don't think cheer is a sport then neither is gymnastics nor figure skating. Darts is counted as a sport and I don't see competitive darts players doing strenuous exercise. Sometimes people speak nonsense.

  16. Sport: an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

    Has nothing to do with a ball, stick, disk, or any other prop. Physical activity and competition is all that is required.

  17. I wish they would have shown the actual falls. That's a dangerous and an important part they wanted to get across. It's dangerous

  18. You have to make a video about the klokhuis wich is a Dutch children's program with all kinds of sketches and in the specific Kloko that shows to hum.

  19. Please do one of these with football and marching band people! People don’t realize how taxing marching band is and how much of a sport it actually is!

  20. In my opinion something is a sport when competition is involved. So when cheerleaders are competing in a tournament or something like that then it is a sport but when you're just cheering at a football game it isn't. Feel free to disagree with me but that's just my two cents

  21. Do one of these with Color guard please!!!! People think we just walk and spins flags. When we have three different main equipments with 3 different technique!!! There is also dance. It is very physically demanding and IS a sport

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