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What’s up guys, Nathaniel from UA Kidz here, and we’re here at the park. Let’s film a video! What’s up, we’re in the park, and it is pretty packed in here. There’s a ton of people So far, we haven’t caught a baseball yet, but it’s still pregame We’re gonna try to catch one. Look at this. There’s a good amount of people here, so it’s gonna be tough to catch a ball. What’s up, we’re in the outfield right now, trying to catch balls for BP, and it’s pretty crowded. So it’s gonna be hard to get some balls, but, we’ll do the best that we can. Now that is a cool sight. Nicky!! Wassup? What’s up, so the past 10 minutes, we just caught 2 balls out of nowhere from… I think it’s their pitching coach, Reed, I don’t know his first name, and, he just tossed 2 up to us Out of nowhere, and we just stuck our glove out there and caught it, so yeah. Thank you guys for watching. As you see, we caught two balls at the game We’re no Zack Hample, but I thought that was a good accomplishment. I don’t think we’ve ever caught two balls at an MLB game. So, yeah, we’ll add these to our collection. We’re at like five — MLB balls now– We’re getting close to Zack Hample. You know just like ten thousand more So, thanks for watching, I know you guys want to go subscribe go check out more content, smash that button. Click right there for the last video, and go hit the link in description for Zack Hample. Go watch his videos. He’s great.

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  1. Amazing Video Man!!! This was Lit!! I just Subscribed, liked this Video and will like the others too, and I'm checking out your other Videos too Man!

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