Chapman Stories – Angels Baseball

I felt like every little
boy playing Little League, you wanted to be a
professional baseball player. And once I realized I wasn’t
going to have a profession playing baseball, clicked, well,
what if I worked in baseball? [MUSIC PLAYING] So my team oversees
the entire venue, and the management of
the venue, and sort of all the people in the venue. So I work with any of
our local companies or national companies to
partner with the Angels. We meet with each
of the companies to talk about how they can
utilize the Angels’ baseball assets in order to accomplish
their marketing goals. My job is customer service. Specifically with my group, we
work on providing experiences. It’s not how the
Angels do on the field, it’s what we provide for
them sitting in the seats. I tell people all the time,
you have to work in a job that you’re passionate
about the product. Playing baseball and growing
up in Southern California, the Angels have been a
huge passion of mine. I think one of the
greatest things I look back in retrospect about Chapman
is that you really get to know a lot of personalities. I feel like that’s helped
me a lot in my career path and feel like my voice is heard. Throughout Chapman, the
activities I was involved in helped me to develop my
communication skills. The time I had on the baseball
field, playing all four years, those experiences
really helped me today in working with the
Angels, and just working in general, and in life. You can’t leave
the Chapman family. It’s a part of you, you know? Once you graduate,
you’re now an alum. My neighbor’s are
Chapman alum as well. So you can’t escape
the Chapman family, and that’s a great thing. It’s definitely still
a part of my life and I’m a proud
member of the Chapman community and a proud alumni. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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