CGRundertow SUMMER HEAT BEACH VOLLEYBALL for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

What up Undertoads and toadettes, if I haven’t
mentioned it yet, I’m a huge fan of gaming nights with your friends, and this game is
right up there in my personal favorites when it comes to playing with a roomful of people
looking for bragging rights. I am totally in love with games where you partner up with
someone and ride out the night with he or she in a gaming tournament for better or for
worse. And if you’re on my team in this game, its for the better. This is Summer Heat
Beach Volleyball for the PlayStation 2. During you journey across the country in your
Summer Heat U.S. Tour, or simply against a friend in an exhibition, you’ll find that
the movements of the players are one of the best qualities of the game. It’s not a real
stiff motion, but overall your players handle well when going for a spike on offense or
for a diving save on defense. Mainly, what I love about this volleyball game is being
able to change the direction of a spike at the last minute while airborne by hitting
the triangle button, but watch it! If someone expects your change in direction close to
the net they can block it, and since your still somewhat in the air during the block,
the timing is perfect for your opponent since you’re going to be out of position. In other
words, you’re ****! Music tracks in the game are very appropriate
given the beach scene of the game. You can sit back and just let them play through since
they’re mostly all enjoyable. What I like with the music is they allowed you to pick
whatever song you want whenever you want by hitting pause to change it. Some of the tracks,
however, are really irritating to the point where I have to change the song immediately!
But if you’re having a gaming night, you can really just hit mute and put on your own
tunes. I’m not talking down the creators playlist for the game, I’m just saying that
a little Bob Marley suits this game perfectly! So for now, I guess I have to settle for Sum
41… The unlockable characters are a little extreme,
but hey, as long as its fun I really don’t care! My favorite hidden player is the Enigma
since he looks like the matrix screen that they watch in the real world. But if you’re
going to play this with your friends I’d establish first whether or not a person is
allowed to be one of these unlockable characters because if a player on a team plays as one
of these characters and someone on the other team doesn’t, to put it lightly, the team
that simply chose characters that are given to you at the start of the game, are going
to get their asses kicked. Plain and simple. The unlocked characters are just too good.
I found that if one person plays as one, everyone should to keep it fair. If came down to it,
I think Incognito could take two people at once. I mean, her stats are just through the
roof! My friends and I have a rule, if you’re going to be incognito or the Enigma, then
your partner has to be Tia since she straight up sucks! Sorry, Tia… And if I haven’t mentioned it yet, I’m
all about the bonus mini games. Just as long as they’re fun obviously. I mean, if the
mini game sucks they why even put it in the game? Seriously! I’ve seen mini games that
are worth less than an autograph from Corey Feldman. But that’s not the case here. This
game is a party time game to the fullest! Not only is the volleyball gameplay sweet,
but you can also play three other games as well. From my experience, the most fun is
the Beach Bowls game, which is actually Bocce ball but played with beach balls. It’s a
game of determination against your friends to get that damn ball as close to the jack
as you can. So if you’re a fan of multiplayer games
and unlockable content that allows you to do more than just what the game was intended,
then this game was made for you. So in honor of the design of the Enigma, I’ll wrap this
up in Matrix terms, when it comes to summer heat beach volleyball, without question or
hesitation, I recommend that you take the red pill.

48 thoughts on “CGRundertow SUMMER HEAT BEACH VOLLEYBALL for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

  1. You mean to say it's actually an okay game? I've seen this one on the bargain racks at Toys R' Us for several years now and always assumed it was just an inferior DEAD OR ALIVE: XTREME BEACH VOLLEYBALL clone without the benefit of being tied into an existing game franchise featuring only the bounciest of girls.

  2. This game plays like Outlaw Volleyball, but less racy. It plays better than DOAX, but less swimsuiit options. Personally, I think it's the best overall beach volleyball game ever made.

  3. I know she is not good but she is so hot i always need her on my team Abby Beckinham. WOW I am so sad i find a girl who is hot but who is not real. :-(. Post a comment if you agree Abby Beckinham is really hot.

  4. This is my favourite volleyball game ever! It is def the most responsive and accurate compared to many others. I wish there could be a revamp for ps4/3. I'd buy it in a heartbeat

  5. I still have this game well… somewhere haha. I wish they made another volleyball game on PlayStation and other consoles.

  6. lmao everytime i look up a weird ps2 game i thought no one played i run into this channel, wish you still made videos.

  7. Volleyball in Rio 2016 is on tv right now and this game came to my mind 😀 I had it on demo really fun game at that time and awesome kylie song

  8. I wish that a volleyball game existed that combined the fun of a game like this, as well as the Kunio-Kun volleyball game, and also has a variety of locales and playing surfaces, as well as had the ability to play the Summer Olympics/college/university/high/secondary school type of team volleyball as well.

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