CGRundertow BASEBALL for Game Boy Video Game Review

Mario has proven himself to have all-star
caliber skill at a list of sports longer than a towering Babe Ruth…stack of beer bottles.
Tennis, golf and racing seem to the ones he’s most popular for, but he’s also got more
than 20 years of pitching experience. His rookie campaign? 1989’s Baseball for
the Nintendo Game Boy. And there he is…Super Mario himself…a
younger and nimbler Mario. And based on games like Mario Superstar Baseball, which was one
of the GameCube’s best sports games, and its Wii sequel, which…was a sequel to one
of the GameCube’s best sports games, you’re probably expecting big things from rookie
Mario. But I should warn you. Sometimes, it takes players a long time to develop their
skills and…you know, we do have a minor league. You do know that. Baseball is a top-down retro baseball game
very similar to R.B.I. Baseball and other games of the era. The problem is it’s so
crippled, it’s barely playable. And when you’re fielding, that’s when it’s most
evident. I mean, I’ve never seen a baseball game move this slowly. And that slowness is exacerbated by a bad
camera. On fly balls to the outfield, the camera takes so long to pan out, you can’t
even see the fielders you’re moving. You kind of just…guess. And when you finally
get to the ball, it takes, like, 10 seconds to throw it back into the infield. The AI is another weird issue, because the
computer doesn’t seem to understand the game of baseball. It’s always throwing after
the lead runner, even if there’s no chance of throwing him out. That means RBI singles
can be turned into doubles every time. That’s a good lesson, kids. Always hit the
cut-off man. And believe me, there’s way more to criticism
with this game. I mean, I haven’t even mentioned the fact that there are only two teams. Or
that the players have first names only, and that the game only gives you a hitter’s
batting average…which is incorrectly abbreviated, at that. So not only is Baseball an outdated
baseball game, it’s also a sabermetrician’s worst nightmare. Still, the original cartridge version at least
supports multiplayer. If you’re able to do multiplayer, a Baseball cartridge might
be a decent buy. But otherwise, this is a game that struck out a long time ago.

24 thoughts on “CGRundertow BASEBALL for Game Boy Video Game Review

  1. "Sabermetrician"??? Wow ….I can tell Derek's a real baseball fan. I think I'd rather play baseball on the 2600 , like I did back in the day. Close call…

  2. Derek,

    It might not give us the advanced stats, but i'll be damned if we can't sit down with a Game Boy and figure it out!

    Mario –
    WAR – 24.6
    FIP – 1.75
    UZR – 7.2

    Luigi –
    WAR – 0.12
    FIP – 7.98
    UZR – -9001

    Note – those are merely estimates. Let us get to work! SAMBR unite!!!!!!!!!! (Society for American Mario Baseball Research)

  3. i played this like it was going out of style as a kid. when i showed my 80 y old uncle i remember he thought it was real…yeah easily impressed.

  4. I have to agree that Baseball is the worst game ever. I bought it on amazon years ago assuming I was gonna be playing a good game on my Game Boy and much to my surprise the game was absolutely horrible.

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