CGR Undertow – SAMMY SOSA HIGH HEAT BASEBALL 2001 review for PlayStation

Let me take you back to the Major Leagues
in the year 2000. Few players hit the ball with so much power and focus as the great
Slamming Sammy Sosa. The only thing that feared Sammy Sosa more than the ball was the opposing
pitcher. Well history would later tell us why Sammy was so slamming, with not just his
corked bat but also his use of performance enhancing drugs. Besides hitting all those
home runs, another of Sammy’s accomplishments was programming an entire baseball game himself.
Actually, I’m told he did not and instead just lent his name to Sammy Sosa High Heat
Baseball 2001. The game is the continuation of the High Heat
series of baseball games. One of the major draws of the High Heat series has always been
its attention to stats and this game is no different. Seriously, this game has enough
stat tracking to have even the most dedicated sabermetrics fan’s head spin. Following
the stats can become as much fun as actually playing the game, which is not a jab at the
gameplay for this is a solid baseball sim. All of your favorite baseball modes are here,
from just an exhibition game to an entire 162 game season. There is also a Home Run
Derby mode or you can just go straight to October and play in the playoffs and watch
yet another year without the Cubs winning a World Series. The greatest part of the game is playing through
a season with your favorite team. I love playing these old baseball games and seeing the players
on their old teams. Remember when the Royals had Johnny Damon and Carlos Beltran? They
had a team full of names. The season mode will have you playing through the struggles
of a major league season, from injuries to calling up players and trades. And as said
before, with all the stats you will find yourself getting lost in the numbers. Another cool
thing is the inclusion of tons of stadiums, including all 30 teams at the time, but also
famous past locations like Ebbets Field and Baker Bowl to, at the time future stadiums
like PNC Park and Comerica. Nice touch, especially for the time. The pitching and hitting are like other baseball
games, in that it is tough but once you get a feel for it and find your timing it becomes
easy to work with. Anything you could want to do you can and it all feels simple and
natural. Sammy Sosa may have since become a punchline
but his game should not be. It is solid baseball, with for its time advancements, and is one
of the best stat tracking games even to this day.

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  1. MLB Power Pros 1 and 2008 charts pitches. I'd never seen that in a game before, especially with chibi baseball players.

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