100 thoughts on “Cat Man Do – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #1

  1. Simon sure knows what cats are like! I love the little meow noises and the typical cat like manipulation. Ha ha, so funny and true to life.

  2. Too think I watched this when I was 4 when it first came into YouTube. Ah, this is my favorite thing to watch.

  3. Omg this just happen to me but instead of a bat she used her feather on a wand toy to stab me in the side.

  4. My cat just sleeps all day and then he sleeps, right before he sleeps (after that he eats before he sleeps after that). Talking kitty cat though.

  5. can’t believe this video is 11 years old… i can remember my parents showing me this video and me laughing so much. im emotional ;-; the nostalgia

  6. Parodia perfetta di quello che subisco tutte le mattine dalla mia cucciola …e ovviamente le perdono tutte 😻

  7. I can't belive it's been 11yrs. since I first laid my eyes on this fun and crazy CAT!!!

  8. Great. My cat is'nt so extreamly – but he do anything like that to wake me up. So long with his energy and ideas – that i'm going out of my bed an smile 😸😊

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