Card Collecting : How Much Are Baseball Cards Worth?

My name is Walt Case. I own Card Traders of
Austin in Austin, Texas. The question that seems to come up a lot today is “How much
are my cards worth?” Let’s start with baseball. Baseball tends to have cards that are more
valuable than some of the other sports simply because they’ve been around a lot longer.
There’s a lot more tradition associated in America with baseball than there, say, is
with football or hockey or basketball. Therefore, some of the older baseball cards from the
early 1900’s have a much higher value than some basketball, football and hockey cards.
The most valuable baseball card out there is the T206 Honus Wagner card, which recently
sold for a little over two million dollars. That, obviously, is the exception to the rule.
How you determine how much your baseball cards are worth depends on a number of things, the
first one being, “How much of that particular product was produced, and how much of it is
still available?” So it’s the old American axiom, supply and demand. If you have a very,
very high supply and a very low demand, your card is probably not worth much. If you want
to look at book values of cards, the guide that is used most prevalent in the industry
is the Beckett Price Card Guide. Those can be purchased at most bookstores and certainly
in any hobby shops. So that’s the best way to determine what the book value of your card
is. That does not necessarily mean you can get that kind of money for your card. But
that is simply a guide as to what your card is worth. Condition also plays a big part
in determining the worth of your card, so it’s very important to take care of your cards.
Make sure that they don’t have any creases in ’em. That you don’t write on them, that
you don’t carry ’em around in your pocket. There are plenty of supplies available on
the market to help protect your cards, which also plays a big factor in how much your card
is worth.

17 thoughts on “Card Collecting : How Much Are Baseball Cards Worth?

  1. i need the price for 3 patch cards the names are
    upper deck hideo nomo LA dodgers patch card
    upper deck miguel tejada athletics patch card
    and a upper deck gilbert arenas team wizards patch card
    are they valuable?

  2. Don't buy new stuff….buy graded PSA 8 HOF'ers from 47 thru 79…All 1887 thru 41 HOF'ers will go up in value depending on the grade of the card and the grader. You'll be better off 10years from now with a beautiful collection that will be worth something instead of new stuff 80's and newer..of course, there are exceptions…the more that were produced..the higher the grade which will be required …say an 89UD griffey rated a BGS/PSA 9….a 10 is desired but, there are more 10 Griffeys than there are 81 Montana's and a ton more of 9's.

  3. the guy is so off!!! the supply of the card factors very little, whats more important is the demand and the condition, the Jerry Rice Topps rookies and the Jordan rookies were all mass, mass mass produced, but it doesn't matter, the demand is there, and having one in mint condition will make it worth many thousands. So again the fact that they were mass produced and really aren't very rare cards, you can find them in just about every hobby store, they are still valuable.

  4. These card shop guys r the biggest scammers I had a mint 1962 Mickey mantle guy says well nobody really collects these old cards any more I’ll give U 10 bucks if u want I laughed and said this is worth about 750 dollars then I walked out

  5. I have an ohtani 1/1 Topps Chrome from this year just got it recently graded and came back a 9.5 any ideas on the value

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