Can You Play Ping Pong with a Knife?

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity and welcome to another episode
of Challenge Pongfinity! This is the series where YOU challenge US
with your craziest ideas related to table tennis. We will go through all of your comments, pick
the most creative ones and make a video out of them. If your idea gets picked, we will feature
it and give it a shout out. So make sure to leave your ideas in the comment-section below! Marek Kowalski wants us to play 10 consecutive
shots with the edge of the racket. Let’s see how many we can get. Kanav Chaudhri wants us to do 5 around the
net shots, let’s do it! That’s how you do it. Rupam DAGA wants us to play table tennis using
a knife! Let’s see how well we can slice with this
one. Thanks Nickbrine Gaming, I have my racket
taped to my foot and I will try to go around the net with it. Thanks for watching guys! If you enjoyed the video leave it a thumbs
up and if you are new to the channel subscribe right here. And watch the previous episodes here. Until next time!

100 thoughts on “Can You Play Ping Pong with a Knife?

  1. Hey guys! We had a lot of fun filming this episode, hope you enjoy it! As always, leave your comments below for a chance to be featured in the next episode! Let's try to reach 2.000 likes with this video? 🙂

    Also, we are now 40.000 strong on YouTube!! THANK YOU so much for all your support guys!

  2. I would be so nervous playing with that knife. Like if you are slightly off balance you can hit your arm or leg?

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