Can Susana Yabar Keep Up with Hugo Calderano’s Table Tennis Workout | Hitting the Wall

– Ready?
– No. Oh! No, no, no! (HITTING THE WALL) I am Susana Yábar. I have a YouTube channel
in Spain. And I came to Rio because
I’ve been invited by Hugo. And I’m going to spend
a day with him to see how he works out. I don’t think
it’s going to be easy. Let’s get started. (HUGO CALDERANO, BRAZIL,
TABLE TENNIS) I didn’t know you were also
so good in basketball. Yeah, I like to play
when I have some time. I’m curious to see your sport,
and to know the why. At first I started just playing
ping-pong with my father… Sorry. Ping-pong? Table tennis is the sport,
and ping-pong is when you play for fun.
First thing I learn. Today, I’m going to
show you how I practise six or seven days a week. I start in morning at nine. Then I practise on the table
until twelve. Then I do some workout
for my body. And then in the afternoon,
from four to seven again. Oh, my God. For table tennis,
we practise a lot on the table. We are doing many kinds
of physical work for our body. You need a very high
concentration and focus. So what do you do to
concentrate? I do the Rubik’s Cube.
I can do it really fast. You can scramble
as much as you want, and then I’ll solve it. No matter how much I move?
I don’t trust in you. I can’t believe it. No, no, no, no. This is magic.
It’s magic! Table tennis
is also like this. You have to be very focused,
but also you have to move – and play very fast.
– I’m already impressed. But I really want to see,
how do you train? Yeah, let’s go for it. We’re going to meet my coach. We have an improvised table
for us to practise today. Let’s see what he has for us. – OK, hello.
– Hi. – Hi.
– Nice to meet you, Susana. OK, now, usually we start
prevention exercises before practice, like warm-up. Table tennis demands a lot of
speed – you need to be very, very quick,
but at the same time, you need to be very flexible
and relaxed with your upper part. Here you are fixed,
and the legs also, and then you just turn. You need to be fixed,
but not like, all bulked up. You need also to be flexible,
to adapt your technique. – Yeah, yeah, I understand.
– On this position, I will hit the ball,
and he has to keep position. OK, you need to… I see your concentration face. – Please, be nice.
– I’m not here to be nice. So try to don’t move at all. Come on, come on. I want to emphasise
that it’s very, very difficult. If you don’t try,
maybe you can’t feel it. OK, nice. OK. Wow. So simple things,
and I feel it. You close your scapula
and keep your shoulders down. Keep that pose. One, two,
three, and relax. (SCAPULAR RETRACTION
WITH RESISTANCE BAND) This will work with
the back part of the shoulder. – Uh-huh, I feel it already.
– When you do it every day, you will not get injured. It’s the weak part
of many table tennis player, is adductor. But to protect this muscle,
you have to work this muscle. And your adductor,
it’s small muscle. And step by step,
you can have injury. So he has to open his knees. From here, from this position, I will try to push like this,
and he has to break down my… So, evenly…I have to work. So maybe in one year you need
someone else to help you, – because the legs…
– We can do together, – like this.
– OK. Now he is stronger. You are stronger. And one more time.
We have to try to keep… Argh! OK. Open, open. OK, now resist. Don’t stop it, resist. Argh! I’m thinking I’m in a hospital
trying to deliver a baby. – More, more, more, more.
– Press, press. Allez, allez, allez!
Push, push, push! Push, push, push! And now try to stay,
stay like this. – Just stay here?
– And then we… – Allez, allez, allez!
– Oh! – Wow!
– This is one. – How many, ten?
– Ten. Ah! Dios!
OK, it’s not so easy. (CORE STRENGTHENING
ON BALANCE TRAINERS) Ah, try to close your eyes
and keep your balance. Wow.
For you is easy? Yeah, I’ve done it
many times. What is this? Balance exercise
and coordination. And like in table tennis,
he has to do something with his upper body and
something else with his legs. We need to be able to move
really fast and do some… some lateral steps,
and to be able to break and go in the other direction. And now my body’s much stronger than in the beginning, and I
can avoid a lot of injuries with that. One, two, three,
and this. Not like the thunder,
but like… Like a cat. – Light.
– Light. OK. Yeah, better, good, good, good,
fast. Good, good. She got the touch
and the speed really well. If she practises it,
she will be really good. You see?
Nice and fast. One, two, one, two, one, two.
Good. Whew! – Yeah, good.
– Ah! I usually don’t
dance salsa. Do you dance salsa?
So you have the steps already. You can do like this. Could be one good practice
technique. Of course, because
you’re moving all the time. We’ll think about it
in the future. Yeah. Maybe he was too shy, but
I’m pretty sure he can do it. As soon as you catch
these 15 balls, switch it. I’m so sorry, I think you’re
staying there for a while. Go! – Oh!
– That has more height. Yeah, doing this workout
is very frustrating, to just have to keep waiting
for her to do her 15 balls. My abs were burning. But I just have to stand still
and be strong. (ABS EXERCISE: THE L—SIT) You have to go fast
in table tennis. – All right, three more.
– Hugo, I can’t hear you. – How are you?
– OK, ten, ten. It looks maybe from outside
very easy. But it’s not. In the six minutes
that we did this, the last game that we did,
I was exhausted. More? – You have to move your legs.
– I know! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. OK, change. And stop. He is sweating a little bit. Two-minute pause,
and second time. Hugo, you can talk. Yeah, it’s hard,
because you have no break. The only break you have,
it’s when you walk from one exercise to the other. And this last exercise
with the balls helps you to see where the balls
are going, so you open – your view, no?
– Yeah, yeah, exactly. Now that you’re tired, we can just go to play
some table tennis. Here’s where
you’re going to lose. Ha-ha. – Your turn.
– After what I saw, I don’t know.
Now it’s very embarrassing. Hey!
You’re surprised, huh? Two in a row. In tennis… Yeah, tennis, maybe I’m better.
Hey. Hey, hey, I almost… Oh, madre. OK, with this
I can’t do anything else. But at least I’m happy,
because I touched the table a little bit more than I
expect. Now I can understand perfectly
the sense of the exercise that we did, now, moving your
legs, moving your hands, because all that we practised
in the gym, I can put it in practice here.
Thank you so, so much.

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  1. Why bring around two cubes? I know they're both highest tier cubes (pretty sure one's an Au Long), but for concentration and general messing around, I've never needed more than one 3×3. Unless he's trying to practice double one handed, which I'm guessing he's not, I'm curious to his reason for bringing more than one 3×3. It makes sense if you bring different cubes as the practice is different, but two same ones makes no sense.

  2. he started the olympics as number 54 of the world and now he is among the 20 best already… soon enough he is going to join the asians and maybe defeat them (except the chineses of course)

  3. The rubber on Susan's knees part is just like she's on labour and delivering a baby.. "Push Push Push.." ? but cool exercise though! Never knew there's an exercise like that before ?

  4. it must be a hard thing to leave Brazil for Ochsenhausen/Germany, No doubt why many Bazilian prefer playing soccer ! (less winter)

  5. The chick is a hot, old cougar. Table tennis is hard and you have to def. be in shape. I am glad she got exposed to that player's training techniques. Now, she probably has a respect for his sport.

  6. Can any one recommend me any blades that will be good for learning how to smash forehand smash consistently? I have just brought the rasant rubber for my first custom build, i am trying to find other parts to complete my set.

  7. when hugo said how his rubik's cube skills are transferrable I was surprised as I both enjoy speedcubing and playing table tennis

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