Can I Break Par With A Range Ball? | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club

in the heart birdie pin slammer hope
y’all having a great day out here at Nashville Golf and Athletic Club with a
fun little challenge in store get into that here in a second I wanted to say
thank you so much to Taylor Davis for coming on the channel in the previous
episode we had a fun battle to the end last upload go check it out it was a fun
match thanks so much Taylor for coming on the channel today we are gonna be
playing golf with this golf ball had to go down into the storage room to find
the oldest range ball that I could find I think we found it this looks to be
probably 25 30 years old roughly not gonna get much spin kind of
wanted to see how I react and if the golf ball makes a difference in scoring
we’re gonna find out or hint take you straight to the tee right now playing
the blue tees which is roughly 7,000 yards for the full 18 number-one par-4
410 yards there is water that runs short of the green roughly 250 yards off the
tee so our shot is going to be right there
on the edge of the fairway it all kind of bends to the right 4-iron full send all righty not our best a little right
162 yards left to a front middle pin all right I’ve got an 8-iron here I don’t
think this ball is gonna fly as far as it normal golf ball it is a little into
the breeze 162 I’d normally hit a full nine but I think I’m gonna hit almost a
full eight here definitely want to get over the water as I was taking my swing there in the
downswing thought popped in my head don’t hit this in the water because this
is the golf ball you have to play all nine whole Swit not a good swing there
well short right oh where did you get this up-and-down for a part alright
that’s what we’ve got about 20 yards don’t hit it long but we do want to get
it up onto the green this isn’t exactly the way we wanted alright it did roll out but thankfully
it stayed out of the water it didn’t have much room but we’ve got a putt for
par got a little left-to-right break er shouldn’t be a whole lot in this that and run all right
hard there on one will take that all day long on to number two however wanted to
address that second shot the approach shot I’d have to get myself a grade on
the mental approach to that shot an F yeah there’s trouble over there but you
can’t focus on it and I definitely did there that was a big mistake
however did miss it in a spot where we still left ourselves an outside chance
at it up and down got it up and down on to number two par for 425 yards from
where the T’s are set pretty much dead straight away T it high let it fly with
driver little pull but should be in decent
shape there as you can tell from that chip shot and from that drive that ball
doesn’t spend much it’s not gonna really spend much on the greens it’s also not
gonna probably curve too much with driver so as long as we don’t pull it or
push it too far off line probably going to be able to hit some decent drives
iron plays another story we’re gonna need to hit better irons than on one 121
yards in the rough left side here I’ve got sand wedge and hand pins back left
in the rough little down breeze might jump a little bit all righty there we are right there
about 30 feet left really good distance control there however line not so great that was a pretty good rule I thought
that was gonna go a little to the left however we’ll take that attempt is they
far here on to number three par five six hundred and fifteen yards our line is
just inside of this tree line you can see that castle off in the distance
that’s our aiming point I was a little right yes it was since
we’re on the golf ball changed today I was just wondering what golf ball do you
play comment below let me know would love to know what’s your favorite golf
ball and I lately been playing with the pro v1 just the regular pro v1 that’s
kind of what I’ve been playing with and I do like it
alrighty there we are wise decision would be to just hit it up through that
gap for a nice hole lay off on this par 5 but you know what I see its stinger
time alright so if I was in competition there for that shot I would have taken a
9-iron hit it up over the trees for a layup but I’m out here to have some fun
and you know I love to hit stingers that was fun
it did scan for a little bit through the fairway wanting to have a little more
cut on it almost hit a dead straight but we’ll take it and had some fun all right
here we go 81 yards left to a middle pin I’m gonna
go put the camera behind the hole a little better vantage point for you we’ll take that all day long right there
this would be a huge pin slammer here on number three huge momentum swing as well yes so far scoring has been pretty good
very excited with a 1-under start through three definitely take that on to
number four par four four hundred and twenty-five yards dogleg right green
sets kind of back in there our aiming point is that cart path you
can see off in the distance and we’ll take that drive all day long hit it up
on that slope let it kick down in Millville fairway that’s what we’re
looking for I’m not sure on the distance that was
right at it I just wanted to do this little challenge today to show you if
you can’t afford the best golf balls out there you still can hit good shots you
can play good golf and have fun so embrace the golf ball that you have and
go out there and play some golf that is what I’m talking about like I said not
going to get much spin but we wanted no spin there hop for it
I’ve got about a two-footer left for a birdie get in the heart birdie in flamma number five par four 380 yards from
these tees right here we’re gonna be taking it over the corner of those trees
it’s borderline drivable but we got to hit it really good most likely up there
chipping I didn’t come here to lay up you know we’re going driver I’m not gonna hit it a whole lot better
we’ll take that one we’re gonna go up there see where it ended up all righty
not bad at all have a decent little 2530 yard
wedge left we did not really want to go in long at
the hole there this butt is gonna be very fast y’all I thought that was in the heart I
thought I was gonna keep breaking oh alright that’s alright
car here on five number six par 3 160 yards plays downhill about 15 yards so
roughly 145 I’m gonna hit a full pitching wedge all righty right there about 40 feet
goodness I’m a big believer in putting it when you can even when you’re off the
green doesn’t really look like there’s too much of an issue through the fringe
there so we’re gonna go with putter oh I thought that was gonna break a
little bit back to the left there that is why you putt it though we’ll take a
tap-in par from there all day long all right
to under through six holes very happy with that on to number seven probably my
favorite hole in the course a little dogleg left par 5 tee shot plays pretty
straight 590 yards from here our aiming point is gonna be right about
where you see that deer out there in the distance I’m not sure if you can see it
right there on that little grassy knoll pretty much dead straight away from the
tee the second shot is a dogleg didn’t quite hit that one as far as I
typically would on this hole but that’s okay hit it pretty much exactly where I
was aiming which is a good thing it’s gonna be a little far out here to go for
it in two so just means we get to sting it for our lay up roughly 290 yards out
green sits down back around that corner gonna play a little draw around the
corner hopefully all right well that didn’t draw it dead
straight that’s okay mighty just trickled into the rough one
thing I’ve learned on a couple steers we’ve hit today is that the ball is
really not gonna curve it pretty much just stays dead straight when we hit
back on three four when we hit here I’ve always just not gonna curve so probably
need to play for that next time we sting it with a twenty five thirty year old
range ball all righty about 45 50 yards left to a metal pin
I’m gonna go put the camera behind the hole a little better vantage point from
there shot right there that probably went off camera we’ve got about thirty
feet left for birdie well I didn’t leave it short that is for
sure a couple feet left here for par all right that is a par five here on seven
number eight par three 191 yards straight up the hill probably play more
like 200 I’m gonna hit a 6-iron I don’t know if y’all could quite see it
from there hold it just a little bit probably about 20 25 feet left to the
pen and that landed short rolled down the slope back into the bunker so we’re
gonna need to get this one up and down there’s about where it landed trickled
down to right there there’s the pen I think that was just out of frame it’s
only about six feet to the left I was a pretty good bunker shot we’ll take it
this is a huge power pot to keep it bogey-free oh I thought we had it played just a
little too much break all right that is a bogey here on eight there’s been a lot
of fun hope y’all have enjoyed coming along if you have drop a like down below
that would be greatly appreciated and press that bell those notifications that
way you can stay up to date on all the new videos and uploads that I have and
all y’all support here on the channel has been truly incredible we’ve got one
more hole here to see if we can shoot under par with a range ball number 9 par
4 straight down the hill straight away no real trouble just OB left we’ll take that one for the last tee
shot of the day excited to pop out one to end it with however needed to share
something with y’all I found a stinger tee y’all I don’t know
if it’s focusing on that can you see the s on it
stinger tee I haven’t seen one of these in a long time thought I was pretty cool
guess I was supposed to hit a stinger there on nine the whole time comment
below have you ever used or seen these stinger tees I used to use them years
ago I really liked them just I’d used them in a while good shape right here
105 yards left to a back-right pin location maybe we should have gone with more Club
there that’s all of sport distance control at times is a little difficult
now ball does tend to have a mind of its own from time to time I thought it hit
though a little better but that’s okay we’ve got a up and down here to shoot
under par with a range ball to shoot under par with a range ball one under par with the rains ball right
there yes that is it one under with a range ball yes that was fun
35 on the front 9 1 under just goes to show you you can play well have fun
sting it T it high let it fly roll the rock all the above with a 25 year old
range ball so if you can’t afford a pro v1 or top-of-the-line ball you can still
play well and have fun with any ball you tee it up with yes there are some out
there gonna be much more consistent and a better ball but you don’t have to play
those to play well hope you’ll have fun coming along drop a like subscribe below
ring that Bell and until next time we’ll see you when we see ya

85 thoughts on “Can I Break Par With A Range Ball? | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club

  1. Pro v1x for about 8 years then last year swapped to vice pro plus and have been very happy, can’t really tell them apart imo

  2. Real fun ? sir. What do you have planned for the winter ❄️? Any trips ✈️ other than the PGA Show?‍♂️

  3. We want to see you have fun and hit stingers. I knew this was an easy challenge for you ignoring remember right you played well with a bouncy ball

  4. New to the channel….really good content, very entertaining….I really like playing the Pro V1 and the TP5X, I bought a dozen of the Vice Pro about 2 weeks ago just to try them out and I was very satisfied with them….

  5. Great video! I play the pro v1 but recently bought a couple boxes of the DT True soft for my shag bag and I've been very impressed. It's a good ball for $20 a dozen.

  6. Can you hit a stinger with a 3 wood like Garrett does every once in a while if so can we see you do a stinger video using all clubs except putter just to see if you can do it

  7. I normally play a Callaway Supersoft, which I really like, but recently purchased a Titleist TruFeel and so far am liking it!

  8. I play normally cheaper balls!! Haven't used any of the name brand golf balls in years!! I just can't spend much on expensive golf equipment so I try to keep everything price worthy!! Was this recorded in summer or is it still that warm in Tennessee?

  9. Nice round Zac! I like flashy things so I enjoy the Truvis Soccer Balls… particularly the Poker edition. I love the Spade golf balls.

  10. I was thinking the same thing if you hit that in the water what would you do it would be game over unless you found another one ??on the video

  11. Man Zac I do the same thing if it’s close to the green I’ll put I think I can get closer or in the cup better that way

  12. I'm happy to use anything with a urethane cover to be honest. Something what will stop on the green and doesn't feel like a rock off the club face suits me.
    I practice chipping and putting with used pro V1s that I buy for about $1 each purely for feel reasons

  13. Very cool vid, good round man. I’m a super amateur but have managed to keep a couple noodle golf balls in play this season lol

  14. Just a question Zac – have you kinda given up on tournament play? I read an article that you had taken your handicap from a 12 to a +6 in 1 years time. If you are averaging a 66 every time you play, I see no reason why you could not have quite a lucrative golf career. Your only results I can find are the APT tour where you made 2 cuts in 7 tournaments and won about $813 total. I am curious if you are still playing any pro tournaments or if you have given up that status or what. Thanks

  15. Wilson Staff Duo Soft Core – 2nd Year back (Golf alot when 10-14 range, now 22), Shoot in the 88-94 range, love the ball as a good beginner ball for me

  16. TP 5 and ProV1. But you have proven that if your game is good enough the ball doesn't matter! Guess I need to keep working on my game! LOL. Great content!

  17. The answer is yes you can! When I was a kid, 18 years old, I made a bet that I could break 70 using range balls. I won, shot a 68 on a par 71 6,800 yds. This was back in 1980.

  18. I mean yeah… Just grab the used pro v out the bucket lmao… That's how I get my golf balls anyways and I break par regularly

  19. I play the TP5s in tournaments and other decent balls I find from work and stuff like that. Mostly older tp5s or provs

  20. Right now I play with the srixon z star because they had them on sale at dicks for 24.99 but I usually play the tp5 or prov1

  21. awesome vid zac! just wondering … how much time do you spend on the range?? and just a suggestion, record your normal range session and make it a vid?

  22. I’ve been playing Snell mtb black. Out performs the prov1 and $27-ish when you buy 5 dozen, otherwise $35-ish per dozen. Working to hit that stinger but i sucks at it!

  23. I been playing with the Taylormade TP5x from Titleist Prov1 X from last season. So far I love the feel of the TP5x. I can control my irons shots better, I can some how feel the ball coming off the face of the club. #teamtaylormade #taylomade #spiderX #millgrind

  24. Hey Zac! You asked if a golf ball makes a difference in scoring. Maybe an idea for a future video since some may want to see how much it really does? Hit a range ball AND your regular flavor of ball like you were doing worst ball challenge…but play both and score it out for 9 holes? Thats a great question! Thanks for the vids!!

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  26. I’m looking forward trying out the new Titlest TruFeel, but have played Pro-V1 with really good results. If the TruFeel performs the same…I’m going to make the switch. Comparable performance at half the price

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