Calderano Ma Long Harimoto Boll | Table Tennis 2019

hey my name is Bojan Besinger and I’m your
table tennis coach from Germany today we have been at day 3 of the table tennis
world championship and just for you we have the best highlights of the best
players so now you can take a look our first player is Tomokazu Harimoto. He won today 4-1 against Marek Badowski from Poland and Jon Persson from Sweden. Tomorrow he will compete against Marcos Freitas from Portugal the next player is Timo Boll he could
meet Harimoto at the quarterfinal but it’s still a long way to go today he had a close
match against Andrej Gacina from Croatia an an easy 4:0 win against Pistej from Slovakia. Next match will be against Morizono from Japan. Let me
know in the comments who you think who is going to win:
Timo Boll or Masataka Morizono? The dragon is our next player we want to
show you one moment we thought that would be a big surprise today because
Kannak Jha from the United States won the first set against the world champion from
2017 Ma Long however ma long played on a high
performance level and won 4-1 tomorrow you will compete Vladimir Samsonov the next player has one of the strongest
backhands in table tennis but also his forehand is incredible
his name is Hugo Calderano. however he still had to fight at his a match
against Yoshimura from Japan. Hugo Calderano win at the end 4:2. what is very
interesting that he would compete Ma Long wins his next match. By the
way who is your favourite player of these 4? thanks for watching the video my friends
I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did don’t forget to subscribe to the channel
then tomorrow will be the next video here on this channel so I’m Bojan Besinger. I’m your table tennis coach from Germany and we see us tomorrow in
the next video bye bye

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