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Ad* Melbet *Ad Hello viewers, Welcome to Nothing But Cricket In this video I’m gonna talk about my new gloves – BAS Vampire Pro About this gloves and generally about how to buy gloves Before going into the video please do subscribe and also press the bell icon to get notifications from NBC And if you are not following me instagram please do follow using the link in description and First comment Lets go into the video There are 2 types of gloves – 1.Cloth made, 2.Leather made Cloth made is for beginners which is less in cost and leather gloves are common among professional players So this is my glove which I bought ten days back. This is from BAS The difference Between BAS and SS,SG can be explained clearly by comparing them with mobiles like samsung, oneplus – SS,SG are High end. More cost comparatively less features BAS is kinda low end. More features less cost you will be getting all features of 3000 rupees SS Gloves in this 1500 BAS gloves But the life time will be different This is men size glove but you can also get smaller ones We have to check the padding while buying gloves The protection pads which is over the finger is padding and it should be prominent I bought this Online, I haven’t bought one online before I Just bought it online so that I can feedback to you guys. cost of this gloves is 1562 rupees and it is a reasonable price for this one because the padding is prominent Some gloves used to have metal string in the padding for more protection Something is there in this gloves too but I’m not sure whether it is metal or wood We can get this quality protection for 1500 rupees only in BAS you will be getting all features of 3000 rupees SS Gloves in this 1500 BAS gloves I tried playing wearing them and It is really comfortable If you want to buy gloves or pad from online, you have to be sure about size and be able to decide whether the product is suitable for you by seeing the photos I checked all the listed photos and I was convinced that It’ll be suitable for me that’s why I bought these gloves many of you guys were asking to donate the cricket equipment if I have in excess Sorry, I won’t be having excessive products because I use the product till it wears away This was my last glove and there is no leather on it Please don’t get mad if I’m not responding to those comments You can buy this vampire BAS gloves from my amazon affiliate link which I have mentioned in description really useful for professional cricketers and more over affordable please do try them Thanks for watching the video I just wanted share my experience with this product with you guys that’s why I made this video Please do Like, share, comment and don’t forget to subscribe and press the bell icon for instant notifications from NBC Thanks for watching.. keep supporting !

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  2. Bro cricketers panna vendiya exercises enna enna, adhanala enna use, then panna kudaatha exerciseslam enna enna. Idha pathi Oru video podungalen

  3. anna nenga oru academy start pandrenu sonnenga kedachetha na unga academyla seranunu aasapadren kedacha sollunga nanum academy kedacha soldren.

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