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*AD* *AD* Hello Viewers, Welcome to Nothing But Cricket In this Video I’m gonna tell whether buying cricket bat online is safe or not I’ve already posted a video on the topic ‘How to choose a cricket Bat’ you can check the video from the card In that video I’ve talked about certain criteria to check before buying a cricket bat or tennis ball bat In this video I’ll tell you how to buy bats online and clarify whether its safe or not Please do subscribe, Press the bell Icon and Follow nothing_but_cricket_ in instagram for updates Lets go yeah ! Most Nothing But cricket Videos do have subtitles. Please check those videos too 🙂 We can buy few bats from online and we should not buy some of them from online It’s not based on brand , It’s totally based on cost and purpose. If we are professional cricketer and we play our cricket with cricket ball made of leather then we gotta buy our English or Kashmir will bats only from shop why because, we gotta check the balance, grains, handle, grip, bat flow while swinging we have to check these many things before buying a professional cricket bat we can check these many things only when we buy the bats from the shop no two bats will be similar in all the aspect. Not even the same two models of bat from the same brand one SS Elite will not be same as another SS Elite Some where it’ll differ these difference will make the online purchase of professional cricket bats tedious When we buy a professional bat worth 4000 rupees plus we should definitely buy it from shop You can buy bats according to your comfort when you buy from shop Don’t buy those bats from online But you can buy Tennis ball and hard tennisball bats from online there is no necessity to check grains in those bats tennis balls don’t have any impact coz of grains Balance wont be a problem in case of tennis ball bats so we can buy tennis ball bats from online In that also we gotta notice few things If we are gonna buy a bat worth Rs.2000 then It’ll have thick blade so we can play hard tennis ball with it In this ball also we cannot play with cricket ball If we do so, bat’s handle will be spoil even the bottom also can get damaged so we should know which ball we should use to play with the bat 2000 rupees bat’s thick blade can handle hard tennis ball but if you buy a bat less than 1000 rupees then the blade will be very thin which can’t handle hard tennis ball it is only capable of handling soft tennis balls cricket ball will shatter those bats so we should know with which ball we can play with our bat we cannot blame the bat or shop keeper for our mistake we should know our need and choose the bat accordingly buy only tennis ball bats from online for stumper ball or soft tennis ball you can buy bats costiong 700 or 800 if you are gonna buy cricket ball bats go to shop and buy according to your comfort. you can also take your coach to shop for assistance in choosing bat only when you pick and see 5 to 6 bats you’ll know which bat suits you more thanks for watching.. don’t forget to subscribe 🙂

32 thoughts on “Buying Cricket Bat in online is safe or not? | Nothing But Cricket

  1. Neenga soninganu oru bat vangana..
    Gr8 official bat..
    Thnx for recommending it, it doesnt suit any of my batting needs,nor of my frnds.
    Yutube channel vechi nadathuna matum pothuma? Viewers qns, comments and opinions ku rply panamatingala ??
    Apo neenga yutube channel start panathu verum monetisation kaga va,ila ela videos layu verumanave solra mari passion kaga va?
    I am unsubscribing yur channel
    Atlast,Online la vangurathu ena porutha vara oru nala option ila
    Entha bat ah irnthalum first atha kaila pudichu feel pananum,aprm select pani vanganum
    Ela bat um ore model ah irnthalum,oremari irkathu..

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