Burka Avenger Vs Match Fixing (Cricket Episode w/ English subtitles)

This is Halwapur My city, my home. A tragic incident left me orphaned as a child A kind man and his wife gave me a loving home. He became my mentor. And he taught me the ancient art of… Takht Kabaddi! The art of fighting with books, pens and advanced acrobatics. Now, I use my powers for good. I stand for justice, peace and education for all. I fight against the forces of tyranny and ignorance. For I am…Burka Avenger. Hey, stop that racket. We are about to go live. Yes viewers. Halwapur’s children’s team has won the match. Let’s talk to their coach. I think that right now…. Vadero Pajero….is here. Congratulations! Congratulations! Where are my superstars? Thank you Nadia. Our cricket team has shown that they are the best team in the world and no one can defeat them. Sir Pajero, this team has only won the regional tournament. Listen, every player in the Halwapur team is a match winner and boom boom superstar. In fact, I challenge any team in the world to defeat our Halwapur Heroes. Your challenge is accepted. My team and I will crush and humiliate your Halwapur Heroes. But first, what is the prize for the winning team? Whoever wins will rule over Halwapur forever and ever. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Our team comprises of only children under 15 years old. What kind of competition is this? Oh, so what? We will also include both younger and older players in our team. Baba Bandook, we accept your challenge as well. I have duped all the citizens of Halwapur. This whole city will soon be under our control. And all because of a single match. Vadero Pajero! I have planned it all. Not only will I cheat as the umpire but bribe some of their players into cheating as well. That would be match fixing. You nincompoop! What is your problem? I will cheat to no end and bribe so many players that we are guaranteed to win 200% Howzaat? Er.. no, no. The first ball is always a try ball. How are the practice sessions turning out Kabaddi Jaan? I am extremely worried. The entire city is at stake because of the match But half of our players our total amateurs. Wow, Kabaddi Jaan! Yes, Jiya. This is Raja Tunga Boycott. He is our number 1 batsmen. Khambay. KHAMBAY. Yes, Baba Bandook. Khambay, is our super secret team ready or not? Yes, definitely Baba Bandook. I have ready for you 6 mini-robots and installed “Cricket 97” video game software in all of them. I am evil guy with an evil eye, you better run, you nincompoop. Hey! Wh-wh-who is that? Hey, come on here will you. Aren’t you the newscaster from Halwapur News? Don’t you wish your bank account was overflowing with money? An expensive phone is your hand? And a luxurious car parked in your garage. Yes, yes. Then listen carefully to what I have to say. If you throw away the match next week, then all this could be yours. But that is cheating. Looks like you have gotten used to walking barefoot and being a pauper. I should leave now. Job security….Car….Money! Wait, Sir Pajero. Viewers, today Halwapur’s fate is going to be decided by the bat and ball. If Baba Bandook’s team wins today, then they will rule over Halwapur. But here comes our team to try and stop them. Our Halwapur Heroes. And facing them, Baba Bandook and his team, B B Bullies. Well then, are you ready? Heads Nope. Baba Bandook has won the toss. But you didn’t even check to see who won? Are you going to accuse the umpire? So then Baba Bandook. What have you decided after winning the toss? We are going to bowl first. Out! What nonsense is this? Khambay. Enough is enough. Bring on the Spin-bot. Out! These guys are cheating. Don’t worry. Raja Tunga Boycott, are you ready? You are going to win this match for us. Huh? What? Yes, yes. I am ready. Better job….Luxurious car…..Loads of money. Job. Car. Money. I will not cheat. Immu and his captain Kabaddi Jaan have established a solid partnership. But, only one wicket is left. So, Baba Bandook. What is the plan now? Tell Roobat to target old man Kabaddi Jaan’s body so that he is unable to play after taking a hit. I don’t think I can continue. We will have to stop the match then. We will not play without Kabaddi Jaan. What do you mean you will not play? Either find yourself a replacement or admit defeat. Get rid of Kabaddi Jaan and quickly find a new player. But, who will we find at such short notice? No! This cannot happen. You are the one who said that anyone from Halwapur can play. And with that Halwapur Heroes have set a target of 180 runs. Are you alright Immu? Don’t worry. It’s only a minor scratch. No Immu. You are in too much pain. You will have to go to the doctor. But who will bowl if I leave? Let it be Immu. We are losing this match anyway. Enough is enough! Quick. Who is going to bowl next? Who? No one? Then this match and this city now belongs to Baba Bandook. Wait! I am going to bowl now. Don’t forget. Baba Bandook’s team needs only 3 more runs to win. And they still have 6 players left. And Burka Avenger has set the stage on fire. Halwapur Heroes need only 1 wicket to win now. Yes, children. Sports should always be played with honesty and sincerity. In life, whether it is sports or anything else, always work with honesty and integrity. This is the sign of a true hero. And in the face of adversity, remember… Inner Peace! Once more, Burka Avenger has defeated the forces of tyranny and cruelty. Halwapur is safe once more. But, until when?

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