Brody Brantley | Baseball Youth | Swing Breakdown

Hey guys what’s up this is JK Whited from
the Baseball Rebellion here to give you the baseball youth player to watch
Brody Brantley. Awesome swing I saw a bunch of his swings in the cage but I
wanted to take this live at bat and show you a comparison video because the first
guy I thought about was Carlos Gonzalez of the Rockies right here, one of the
sweetest subtenant swings I’ve ever seen outside of maybe Ken Griffey Jr. It was
my favorite player growing up, just an unbelievable job this young guy has of
getting his body prepared, that’s the first thing we’re going to talk about.
They both could move together here the videos worked out so we’ve got the same
frames we can see how they both have that nice negative move back away from
the pitcher at the same time and this is kind of an advanced move. You see both
the players here rotate their hips inward towards the catcher so this front
hip rotates in just a little bit kind of cocking the hips as they get ready to
start to move forward and the move forward is initiated by the hips, not
necessarily reaching the foot. So we don’t want to think about reaching the
foot forward, we want to move the hips forward, that gets us to our stride
distance okay. At the same time you can see both of their back elbows pulling
back behind them to load that upper body, upper part of the torso so that we can
stretch through our core lower back and our obliques so we’re getting that
stretch right you’re getting that rubber band rate of fire. On the way forward you
can see it’s some slight differences here but some also some great
similarities all right. One being the move forward is aggressive, so not afraid
to get some distance between their feet, number two you can see the head back
position more back over the back knee, what that’s going to allow is the barrel
to rotate down and then get back up into contact. The barrel is going to go down
it’s gonna rotate back up to contact now both players here get a decently high
pitch to hit so it’s not like they’re gonna have to drop too much but you
definitely see an attempt to lower the back shoulder through rotation. It’s not
drop and set the back shoulder down right, they’re turning it down at a very
high rate of speed, both players working up and behind the ball. I mean this is
incredible this is so good for such a young player at the same time
you can see the back foot of Brodie’s moving forward, you can see Carlos back
foot coming off the ground a little bit, they’re not anchored on that back foot,
they’re allowing that back foot to move working back behind the ball. You can
actually see Cargos head go backwards just a little bit because of
that front leg really driving back to the catcher, you see Brody’s does the
exact same thing here, you can see that front leg really gets straight. So at
contact with the pitch we can see so many cool things are the same head back
behind the knee, head back behind the knee like I said back foot is move
forward, front leg is pushed back straight and
you can see a clear attempt to get up and under this ball to drive it. Brody
has very clear goals just like Carlos had clear goals in the swing to drive it.
This is a home run, its a game-winning home run right and he’s really turning
up from behind the ball, continues to rotate both that beautiful nice releases
and extension through contact alright. Look at that finished turn product right
there that is incredible you can see his back, back foot support, back knee bent,
back knee bent, back foot there you can see his back, you can see he’s also
they’re both also looking at where they hit it that’s fine the swing is over so
just such a great job to see such a young player take a hack like this and
I’m gonna play both all the way through full speed for you right here. I mean
look at that I mean that’s so much fun to watch that ball is absolutely crushed
both these guys great swings Brody keep it up, this is a fantastic job and
excited to see what this guy has in store for him in future.

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