Bridgewater Baseball Goes 4-0 On Home Opening Weekend

This one put in play and thats going to be
a base hit all the way to the wall in right field one will score there going to hold. Here goes the pitch swing and a miss strike
three. This one is ripped in the gap its going to
roll Grabeels going to score Biseckers going to be held up but it’ll be a stand up RBI
double. This one put in play up the middle. That’ll score at least one its going to score
two as he got tripped up by the catcher. Two strikes two outs. There going to make another strikeout six
pitches in a row with a strike for Hunter Mohr. Fast one down the middle and its a hit way
out the outfielder can’t get there huge opportunity here Bisecker running to home base and he
takes it now we have another one. Hit the opposite way. Right fielder dives cannot make the catch
Eagles score one. Talley’s going to try and score here comes
the throw home not in time. Base hit for Biesecker one run scored everybody
else will play station to station. Two two pitch hit pretty well left field going
back its overthe left fielder head one run in two runs in the Eagles will tie it two
run double for Jacob Talley. Down the stretch here the payoff pitch. Balls hit down the left field line base hit
one run in two runs in three runs trying to score here comes the throw won’t there will
be no throw three run double for Luke Paczewski. the Eagles lead it 8-5

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