assalamualaikum guys and welcome to another episode of this week in the dunya as we know France is the champion of women’s rights it’s banned the face veil the hijab the bikini which most people didn’t even know was a thing ironically forcing Muslim women to stay indoors and not interact that much but some women defied the ban as temperatures this week sort but these women who lighted themselves to Rosa Parks made they defied the ban and were willing to pay any price no matter how high it was made so they went in hindi bikinis and they were doing their thing particularly now that is amazing isn’t it imagine how much they had to pay there was tell you one quick me what you want quit you did that you want pants yeah it’s the thought that counts and of course France retaliated by shutting them down me shut down the beaches mate it’s too much controversy mate go keep these Muslims I and the Dalai Lama me he’s not helping the situation me I guess I don’t really blame him because I think he’s been hitting the spray again meditation just say no Dalai Lama yet just say you know now talking of the hot weather the UK just can’t seem to catch a break can it through prick say we’ve been trying to get rid of all these immigrants for about a year now but now even the weather is coming from the EU as well mate now I’m sure you guys know hot weather and the UK just don’t mix our bodies just can’t handle it me it just starts shutting down it’s really hot for God’s sake it’s 30 and granted in some countries is 50 I think the main concern from the heatwave is the fact that by the end of it most of us are gonna start looking like brown immigrants and we and we’ll probably all be in the queue waiting to get deported speaking of fleeing the profile is another bloke Les Brown and he fits the profile or is yeah raises a Muslim actor who’s featured in movies like venom Star Wars he’s had to compromise a lot on his face to make it on the big screen I guess it just wasn’t enough no matter how much he compromises he still be seen as that brown guy from four lions wait a minute he is that brown guy from four lions where’s that Dalai Lama when you need it meditation speaking of confused brown guys here’s what happened in the Pakistani Parliament last week apparently there were live streaming and wanted one of them and I’m not picking this up left the cat filter on so they would busy doing their thing was they had the cat filter on their faces now you’d think that these people would be embarrassed but no guys you can understand they’re politicians they don’t get embarrassed they shameless so this was probably a very good day for them they probably walked out thinking yeah hey today was all right it wasn’t as bad as I would normally is let’s move on to Iran versus the USA now calling someone mentally retarded was standard in the playground when we were young no people say Donald Trump is mentally retarded but no one’s got the guts to say it to his face until now and that’s exactly what the Iranian lead is done has the United States responded to this the best and only way they know how to threaten to bomb them into extinction and oh yeah Mike Pompeii classic guy I was a CIA director we lied we cheated mistake install it’s like he said that the United States has been sent by God to protect Israel from Iran let’s ignore them attempting to overthrow more than 50 mostly democratically elected governments and trying to assassinate over 50 foreign leaders post-world war two days I don’t think that’s God you’re speaking to me yeah check again if he’s got horns and he’s creepy looking east probably a buffalo all right no Souris or maybe even say him now while all this madness is going on our people are too busy fighting over borders and a game that the Brits have openly accepted to have invented here that’s right the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan was formed by the British and is called the Durant line and it’s caused issues for a very long time mate and even the game of cricket it was invented yes by the British and there’s many stories but most of those stories corroborate the fact that the game was invented to distract people from the workings of the people of power don’t get me wrong I’m not a hater of cricket I enjoy a good cricket match yeah but enjoy the match whoever wins wins don’t want let consume you and don’t let it blind you you can’t get Muslims fighting Muslims for God’s sake what’s wrong with you people all right guys that was a bit of news until next time guys meditation so I’m Molly comb you


  1. Dalai lama knows exactly why this is happening. To cause conflict between europeans and migrants. Engineer mass migration into Europe, then fund far right. What have you cooked? Unrest between civilians

  2. Live in countrys with rules abide by the rules.if i a white man go to a muslim country with my white girlfriend i cant publicly kiss her.muslims always play the victim

  3. That was embarrassing at the cricket yesterday Afghanistan supporters need a lesson in being gentleman

  4. Wether you agree with dalai lama or not, it's true that refugees need to restore their homes and return. It's the job of the powerful nations like Saudi Arabia, Turkey to subdue the war situation and help these refugees return home. The best thing you can do for these refugees is to ensure their safe homes.

  5. ''France'' only loves womens rights as long they(French old white males) can see the skin of women. Seems like France is anti-women and pro-objectification. The French have a long history of looting Africa, and still do in West Africa with the CFA so don't expect something good from those frog looking creatures.

  6. Although here in the UK the temperature is only 30°c it's like we're in a burning dessert. It's because the way the houses and buildings are designed to hold heat coz normally it's quite cold and rainy here so when it's the summer it's extra hot.

  7. I didn't know 41C heat wave could kill someone XD It's really normal for us. 2 weeks ago in Friday, There was a heat wave and the temp raised to 47C, pathetic.

  8. Big up brother I’m loving the content been subscribed for some time just thought I’d go out my way to show gratitude for the good stuff yous is coming out with. Keep it up n stay focused????????

  9. Looks like Tommy Robinson shut his islamaphobic mouth lol- I haven’t heard a peep from him for so long

  10. I am so done with this Ummah, a big sheikh saying that Israel and US will bring peace, Bahrain accepting once again the destruction of Palestinians, Muslims bombing other Muslims, Muslims fighting because of cricket…aaaah oh my God, wake me up when this insanity ends.

  11. Dalai lama is in on it with the Dajjali leaders. He's nothing more than a figure of deception. If he so called believed in peace, he would've done something about Burma and the killing of muslims there. Anyone who ascribes himself to be holy is a fruad. Alhamdulillah for Islam

  12. Being a Muslim have you ever wondered how Muslim nations do not give citizenship to non Muslims. We love to settle in European countries and want religious freedom there. But we keep mum when asked this question. Unfortunately Muslims are the the most biased and selfish humans on earth.

  13. theres nothing even remotely controversial about saying white european countries deserve the right to stay majority white european, a person must have the political and historical understanding of a toddler to think that a statement like that is controversial

  14. That cat filters is mistakely by cameraman. Its the fault of cameraman.
    That politician is a minister of information of KPK province of Pakistan. His name is Shoukat Yousafzai.
    We Pakistan people respect that man because he is very mature in TV talk shows, debates and all government press conferences.

    We have great respect for Afghans. More than 3.5 million refugees in Pakistan from 1980 till today. We even give them CNIC and ID cards and let them work here.
    But the Afghanis in Afghanistan are hijacked by indian extremist Modi. That's why they hate us. India use anti Pakistan propaganda using TV and radio to spread poision hate against Pakistanis.

  16. Wow France Stinks? Well my family and I are going camping for Independence week. And Guess what France I can go swimming with Niqab and nobody cares ?Alhamdulillah❤️

  17. Ya akhi, you made no counter argument against the Lama, no analysis of what he said and just a cheap shot implying he is high off his rockers. Man, British muslims are a separate class of narcissists

  18. I think Dalai Lama is reffering that refugees have a right to seek safety from other countries, but if they stay in Europe, then Europe would become Muslim.

    I don't really agree with him, but I think that's what he's saying.

  19. ''they were doing their thing like a chicken wing.''.. quote of the day.
    left laughing so hard mate.

  20. U talk so much crap lol. Good comedy tho. And I think your the ones keeping your women wrapped up and inside. Our women are all enjoying the sunshine. You beardy weirdo.

  21. When climate problem cause wrong temperature, modern regulator would make regulation following logic health guide… Unlike doctrined retarded that insist to keep their missleading believe…

    So, why the country that don't like to see a group of ppl trick n treat their women as binded property,, n spread that gender apartheid doctrine as salvation to violate gender equality idelism… Can't ban every suit that referance to that doctrine… when every region that bcome host of the believe of source of that doctrine,, don't let any women go outside with short clothes without granted real punishment…??

    Than dalai lama who respect how his asylum country upstanding democracy, the defender of human right, that protect every1 savety with they free will… Threatened by gradual invation of influence of religion that have completely contrary believe with that every beautiful value… Must just silent watching those value keep degenerated gradually…?? Instead, unlike our rough style, he show his greeting to that asylum by make his warning as soft as possible…

    Than why with pakistan..? The sample of consequence of our exceptance with existance n growing of islam that will took everything we already built…? N ruin every value n idealism that make our world bcome colorful n beautiful…? Than turn every part of live into dead monochrome world..?

    Than how cruel the god that send america to this world along with they every invention…? Compared with god that granted the ppl that built their world with lie n idiocy,, by heaven…?? That god even ordered war from his scripture,, n war is half of their religion dogma… Not as political n culture circumstance like europe…

  22. I am missing a lot of points in this video because i am laughing so much with the meditation thing in the nostrils of that orange guy so gotta watch the video again 😀

  23. The Dalai Lama is a disgusting hypocrite that hides behind the fake guises of "humanity" and "love/kindness", much like that other Bhuddist hypocrite Aung San. They are being exposed for what they truly are.

  24. Lol we north Indians live in 45 and plus temperature in summer and 45 is just normal for us. Wudu water in Dhuhr is hoooooot XDDD

  25. So France wants to promote freedom by restricting what a woman can wear. This is ironic in a very literal sence. I feel proud and privileged to be a hijabi.

  26. Just allow women to show how much or how little skin they choose and let them enjoy the sun. Too hot for a burka anyway

  27. Sorry buffalos and rhinoceroses are not like Satan at all, they are lovely ! They are amazing, their horns do not represent evil. Is there anything in Islam which says Satan has horns ? You are using a biblical image I think.

  28. They ban burkini because it "has no place in France where women are equal to men" yet they require women to wear one piece/bikini whereas men wear swim shorts. How is that equality? Such blatant hypocrisy.

  29. It's funny how you use western humour…almost American humour for the narrative of your channel. If you're anti western why not use a mundane dull Islamic preachers tone? Truth is Europe will become Muslim and muslims are not tolerant of others

  30. I just can't take you seriously bro lol… Everything you say is comes across as far too rehearsed and cringy, like dad-jokes going on non-stop.

  31. I would like to stay alone in the room with guys who oppress our sister's rights in France and simply kick there asses real bad. Well, I realize it sounds too plane and primitive, but then just bear with me.

  32. This evil Dalilli Lama Can get away with blunt racism but Allah forbid Dr Zakir Naik says nothing racist and everyone gets involved….

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