Brett’s 2019 Development Points | PRSPCTV: 1.18

sup guys headed to the field it’s June
30th sunday today I just want to talk real quick about some things I’ve been
working on a bunch this year and hopefully it’ll help some of you guys
too one of the biggest things I’ve been
working on this year is sequencing my fastball and my curve ball better
my fastball and curveball is really my main two pitches I throw a cutter and a
changeup as well but I really like to tunnel those two pitches off of each
other but you’re not familiar with the sequencing and tunneling that I’m
talking about it’s something that injures especially
as you get higher will do to kind of hide their pitches a little bit better
throw in fast balls and curveballs off of each other so that you
using the same lane it’s coming out of the same lane in my hand so it’s harder
that for the hitter to pick up it’s harder to be able to sit on pitches so
like for me me and particularly I like to throw throw my fastballs for strikes
my fastball is high my curveballs for strikes and my curveballs down in the
third for the swings and misses and they all kind of work off of each other that
way and in a couple of these videos that I’m going to include in here you guys
can really see you know the fastball that stays high and guys swing through
it and then the curveball is that finished low and also can get some
swings and misses as well it’s not it’s not foolproof but it’s
basically using my pitches to their best locations and the best of their
abilities and this whole year that’s kind of been
my main focus as far as sequencing goes and really trying to take my game to the
next level so another thing I’ve been working on a
bunch this year is uh getting better with my lower half mechanics and timing
and it really it stems from the thought that the hips deliver the hands
your lower body fires first we create that rubber band effect you can really
see when you slow down a video of someone’s mechanics that your
hips kind of fire first and then your shoulders and your torso kind of follow
through and then ultimately finish it with your hand out front that timing is
so crucial though and a lot of times they can’t really even be seen on a
video but but you could really feel it and I feel it a lot you know that I’m
starting just a tick too soon whenever my front foot hasn’t all the way landed
in the ground they’re really really trying to extend
that front side to keep that front side as strong as you can for as long as you
can and and then when you do it right it almost feels like I can close my eyes
and everything kind of blows through and the balls right where I want it to be
and you know in my best velocity too so that’s been a big focus for me
I think that mechanics-wise if if you’re not focused
on getting better you’re probably getting worse you know your body your
body and draining that muscle memory into your body is really important and
so it’s something something like that’s almost like a daily you know daily grind
of making sure that that you’re in the right positions you’re playing catch the
right way you’re conscious of it every time you’re throwing the ball either
getting better or you’re getting worse or that and that timing is just so fine
and especially especially when you add in the slope you know that gravity just
wants to pull you down faster so you have to have a really conscious attitude
of that it’s gonna be kind of
exploited or a little tougher to do when you’re going down the mountain
that’s been a focus for me this year it’s something that that you kind of go
back and forth on definitely it felt like I’ve gotten better at it you know just just that lower half that
lower half timings just such a fine fine line between between good and great and
you know I don’t really see a huge difference in velocity the biggest
difference I see in that kinetic chain and it be
like extremely efficient isn’t command you know I take it taking my best
velocity and be able to you know put my fastball where you want it and
you know the breaking ball is you know where you want
and really just throwing the most efficient route that you can take with
your body to throw a baseball is where your best velocity and command and
everything kind of comes from the last but certainly not least one of the
things that working on this years just kind of a
mental approach sort of thing and it’s blocking out external thoughts
while you’re pitching you have everything you know everything kind of
coming at you and really trying to control what you can control
blocking out those external thoughts and I get a bunch of questions about that
you know like – think about focus and about stuff like that on social media
and really is really the best way to block out external thoughts is to
constantly be filling your mind with the only thoughts that you
in there you know our pitching coach talks a lot about you know his words our
pitch location pitch location fastball down away you know pitch location pitch
location slider in the dirt you know like whatever whatever your your pitch
you know you get from the catcher and really the only thing that you’re
telling yourself you know it’s your own words of you know what what you want to
do you know what you want to accomplish pitch location for us you know right now
at this level is really ultimately the only thing that matters that’s why you
can see guys you know throw in 88 miles an hour in the big leagues and being
successful and why you know you guys throw an extremely hard you know at
different levels panning out in the big leagues is simply
because of a pitch location in pitch execution the standpoint how so so
really the only way to kind of to kind of control those thoughts coming into
your head that I’ve found is to fill your mind with the good thoughts the
good things that you you want to be doing
that positive reinforcement and you know having those words or that that
you know mantra or cues or you know whatever you’re telling yourself and you
know just repeating that in your head and it’s kind of tiresome you know when
you get done you’re kind of you’re kind of worn out from it and I’ve experienced
that a little bit this year you know just just being so focused on you know
the next pitch and then one thing that you’re you’re about to do you know it
gets pretty tiresome but but you know afterwards that you kind of sit back and
say oh that you know that that’s pretty fun and then you had a good time doing
it but within the moment you know you’re so
locked in that that’s why you kind of see the looks on some of these guys
faces these pictures that that we get the opportunity to watch on TV just so
locked into to what they’re doing and what they’re about to accomplish on the
next pitch they don’t even have time for external thoughts and that’s basically
the bottom line foundation of that is that you just don’t have time for any
other thoughts when you’re filling your mind with all of all of these positive
reinforcement for me sometimes it’s just it’s just
like keep keep chopping you know keep keep throwing one pitch executes this
pitch executes this pitch fastball up you know whatever whatever the
circumstance may be hey guys thanks for checking out this
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