Breathing in table tennis: Inhale or Exhale?

Welcome back! How are you? How about your summer holiday? A player asked me about the Breathing Techniques
in Table tennis. Breathing is very natural, but many of you
do it wrong. So today, I will answer these questions:
– Good breathing increases the performance and stamina. How to breathe correctly? – Inhale or exhale when you hit the ball? – What does Chinese coach say about breathing
in table tennis? 1) How to breathe correctly? Breathing sounds like a very simple and natural
thing but many players do it wrong. Under stressful or panic situations, the body
also naturally tenses up in the upper shoulders and neck, so some players just block breathing. During the stroke, they do not breathe like
this. So it restricts blood flow to the brain. Therefore, all of our body functions are now
disabled or severely lacking oxygen for muscle longevity and development. So your muscle severely lacks oxygen and tires
quickly. Muscles start to hurt from the accumulation
of lactic acid. This acid is the product from the lack of
oxygen in the muscles. So never block your breath in table tennis. I have seen another player who inhales while
doing the forehand topspin like this. This is even worse because this will hurt
your chest when you rotate your forearm. And this will prevent you to exert the strong
force. So the correct way to breath in table tennis
is: – inhale for elastic muscle activation (swing
back, moving) and exhale for large muscle contraction (hit
the ball). This is true for many others sport and training:
like doing gym, physical training, tennis. This way you can consume quickly the energy
stocked in the muscle cell. Inhale in the recovery phase. Exhale when you hit! So the correct way is: Why Dima moans so loud? You can clearly see that Dimitrij Ovtcharov
exhales when he hit the ball. He has trained a lot of physical training. During the fitness training, he breathes strongly. So it becomes his habit. If you do the gym, you will understand this. You exhale when you exert the strong force,
at your power limit. So if you don’t do many bodybuilding, and physical
training. You don’t need to moan like Dima. Just keep your breathing smooth, soft. Don’t block, or break the rhythm of your breath. Inhale or Exhale in table tennis? You should always inhale by your nose. You can use your diaphragm or your abdomen
to inhale. Inhale by nose will protect your lung. Because The nose is a miraculous filter lined
with tiny hairs called cilia. The cilia have many functions: they filter,
humidify and warm or cool the air before it enters the lungs. Always exhale by your mouth. Because you can not exhale fast by your nose. You can make the noise or not, it won’t matter. What does Chinese coach say about breathing
in table tennis? Breathing is the source of energy as in qigong,
tai chi. So the Chinese coach focuses on the smooth
and the rhythm of your breathing. They say that “Do it naturally”. When you do the small stroke, breathe softly. When you do a big stroke, just open your mouth,
and let the body does it. But don’t block your breath! Inhale while moving, and preparing the stroke. Exhale when you hit. So you will understand that the top Chinese
player like Ma Long, Zhang Jike, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin do moan, but not excessively.

16 thoughts on “Breathing in table tennis: Inhale or Exhale?

  1. First comment , i have bad habbit when looping that ball.. i have tendency to hold breathing .. maybe i have been stressed , how to repair my bad habbit ?

  2. I have a question coach emratich im 13 and im gonna buy my first chinese rubber a hurricane 2 neo for my forehand and i don't no how clean rubber with tackiness is same like european rubbers with watter or no ?

  3. Hello coach, you can make a video of all above short pips. Best blade combination, best short pips, best tecnique, etc. Iam shakehand player with short pips in fh and i want improve my game.

  4. Fantastic!
      The breath during the rally, I was never taught by the coaches.
    I'm a doctor and I've never thought how to breathe better during the table tennis rally.
    His teachings are precious. Thank you very much.

  5. Funny, I didn't hear Dima moaning during the physical training. So he does it deliberately to distract or annoy the opponent. And even if it's not deliberate, it is annoying for the opponent and for the spectators. He should be warned.

  6. A Very lil thing , But with a Strong impact on the daily Training or the Games, Now i know why im 'dead' after 4 hours playing constantly , Thank You coach <3 From Brazil

  7. Impressive advices. Can you comment why some people blame themselves when doing a mistake …they grind at themselves …is it a way to improve ? Is it better : learn and go forward ?

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