Breaking the (piggy) Bank with a Baseball Bat!

Hey guys. How many of you have a bucket or a can or a jar where you toss your spare change every night without giving it a second thought? Yeah, most of us do. Well I recently participated in a program with an organization called Rice Bowls where we handed out over 400 little plastic banks and look like rice bowls to all the kids in our Upward Basket league. And they collected coins that are gonna go towards feeding hungry children in orphanages all over the world. Yeah that’s my call making change with change. Well some of you who participate in the program have asked me “How do you open these crazy banks?” I mean, they were made to be broken. And that’s we’re gonna find out today. I thought it’d be kinda fun to show you how we did it. All it takes is a pair of goggles, a baseball bat, and a racquetball court. Come on. Let’s go! Well I’m here today with my good friend, ZacK Grubbs as we demonstrate a different kind of money ball, and see how he fares against a little rice ball action. Zack, are you any good as a hitter? Well, I don’t want to brag, but I do hold the unofficial world record for the longest wiffle ball game in history. And my nickname was “Money” as in “money in the bank.” Well that bank must have gone bankrupt because I never heard you. But I’m guessing you’re still pretty decent. Well let’s just say that it’s a good thing I injured my back, otherwise my contract would have broken the bank. Spoken like the true Sultan of Swag. Well regardless, we’re gonna have a little fun and see how you fare against rice bowls. Well, I have a feeling I’m about to cash in. I have a feeling your new nickname is gonna be “Chump Change” when I get done with you. Are you ready? Show me the money! Kids, don’t try this at home. But if you do, make sure you’re wearing goggles. This is what I like to call my money pitch. (smash) (coins clang) That’s the last time I’m throwing my change up. Hey, how about a little fast cash? You got it. (smash) (coins clang) (smash) (coins clang) (smash) (coins clang) (smash) (coins clang) (smash) (coins clang) (smash) (coins clang) (smash) (coins clang) While it’s awfully fun and when it was all said and done believe it or not in coins we collected over three dollars this year. Wow, that’s a lot of buck for your bang. Speaking of which when do I get a chance the bat? Well, um, this is the last one. What?! I thought you divided those up evenly. Um, I forgot. But, you may as well take a crack at this last one. Bring it on! Come on! (smash) (coins clang) I think we just hit the jackpot. Like pennies from heaven. Now it’s time to pick one lucky winner from last week’s bonus video. Everyone who commented on that video got their name in the hat. And now it’s time to pick one lucky winner. Zack, will you help me with that? You bet! Okay let’s give them a little mix-up. Drumroll, please. And the lucky winner is gonna win a free bag of Utopian Coffee. And that winner is Verlin Rice! Way to go Verlin! You never know what’s gonna happen when you comment, like, and subscribe! And we’ll see you next time for another installment of Manly Moments!

5 thoughts on “Breaking the (piggy) Bank with a Baseball Bat!

  1. Thanks to Zack and Amy Grubbs for short notice in making this project happen. Congrats to Verlin Rice, a big fan of Manly Moments. And special thanks to Judy Tillapaugh for securing the racquetball court for the making of this video.

  2. It only makes sense that the prize winner would have the last name Rice on this video featuring Rice Bowls.

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