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Hi I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Lou’s
asked us a question about you stop yourself from doing all of lunging and throwing yourself
off balance and how you start to get your feet moving correctly.
To start off with it’s important to keep the strokes as simple as possible. So I’m going
to bounce the ball to Jeff. One to the forehand corner and the next one to the middle.
I’m giving plenty of time to get into position. I’m going to get him to really focus on making
sure that the legs move first, his balanced and then his ready to play the shot.
As he gets good with that and cuts out the lunging then I’m going to start to hit the
ball back to him. Nice and softly still, just controlling the
ball into the two positions making sure that Jeff is still maintaining that good balance
position when his hitting. Now obviously Jeff is a really good player
so we can step this up pretty quickly until it looks like some really great footwork.
It’s as simple as that. Then when you get into a game think about
your legs first and your stroke second, often the first reaction is to move your hand, the
first reaction needs to be move your legs get in position and then your stroke going
to be even better.

80 thoughts on “Breaking Bad Footwork Habits | Table Tennis | PingSkills

  1. I'm high and have long hands and feel like I can reach anywhere on the table without moving. Movement is definitely a problem in my game, so thanks for the video!

  2. You're welcome. Being tall can have some advantages such as reaching wide balls as you mention. It is still important to be able to move quickly though. Good luck with your table tennis.

  3. Ya'll are hands down the best table tennis instruction on the internet. Thank you so much guys. You are a huge blessing. Bought the whole video series last year. Totally changed my game. The, "Legs first, stroke second," is pure gold.

  4. Coach : i got problems with the rolling ball at for hand .. and always return it high so getting hard shots can't imaging …and can't shot or making a spin for it …

  5. 1 question, im getting annoyed by my dad trying to make me run to side to an other and he makes the point, how do i doge that off?

  6. Gee Alois you sound nothing like Igor.."ball here…Hit..Move..Ball here..Hit..Move!!!" Love watching these videos. Wish I could still move and hit like I could all those years ago at Albert Park during State training on Sat mornings!!! Good times. And tournaments..The Riversdale, The Vic Open, The Vic closed. It feels a lifetime ago. Anyway take care.

  7. Hows Cheryl? I got in touch with Michelle Bartolo via Facebook. Plus I talk to Michelle Rey from time to time. Lost touch with Lyall J though.

  8. Lifes Ok..No longer working full time..sort of semi retired. Still freelancing a bit. Occasionally think about picking up a bat but then sanity kicks in and I realize I'd just probably hurt myself trying to do what I could when I was 17. But the temptation is always there.and I might be tempted to come down and pay for some coaching one day. I'll send you my email address via your website

  9. you get 1 more chance to serve 🙂
    (When you serve in table tennis sometimes you’ll hit the ball on the top of the net and then watch as it falls over onto the other side. This is referred to as a net and the serve can then be replayed. There is no limit to how many net a player can have when serving.)

  10. My biggest problems when playing ping pong is returning smashes and doing advanced serves that aren't just a straight top spin or a simple straight back spin serve.

  11. thank you I need this for teaching newbies and people who are scared to play. Can you please do a series for teachings/training basics?

  12. you are doing a great job by posting this video on youtube your all the video are very helpfull to me and because of that now i am a national level table tennis player.THANKS

  13. Are you both using the same racket cause they do sound different- maybe it's the longer/harder strokes on one end

  14. takes ages to be able to think legs first. it also entails accepting to loose a bunch of matches for a while, before the new system gets rewarding. Cant win if cant loose first.

  15. Good advice, I have the habit of reaching, one I do have a long reach…lol But have more power in my strokes when I use my feet more. 

  16. Great stuff and Thanks for sharing! Now before I hit the ball next time I hope not to freeze completely, when I debate what to do first. Hand moves or feet shuffle.

  17. Guys, sometimes we have no time to have the feet ready cuz sometimes the ball is just too quick that we need to lunge to get to the ball

  18. Hey there ,i have a lot of problem returning very spin serves. Whenever i touch the ball it always goes out. Could you help me solve the problem?

  19. excellent always! Would have been perfect if you showed a few backhand shots by Jeff. Also, you have to be in decent shape as well. I tend to get to low in my stance to try and get power shots.

  20. Sometimes even the pros lunge, as there isn't enough time to move the feet. Good players disguise which direction the ball is going and hit the ball like a rocket, so sometimes moving the legs isn't the right option. If you have time, though, then moving the feet is obviously the correct technique.

  21. it is easy to have good footwork when you know where the ball is coming to, but how to do it in games when opopnents can chose where to hit the ball without you knowing about it?

  22. I can't work onmy footwork.My coach tells me to hit a topsin form the forehand corner and the next from the backhand corner and both needs to be a forehand topsin.What to do?How to improve this?

  23. Thanks Alois and Jeff I had very bad footwork and when I watched this video I started to play better I have started to play at Elbert park I played last week and I got to the semi finals and I also saw Simon gerada and sky Liuu and Finn liuu

  24. i think jeff was able to move left and right so easily because he knew ball will coming to him alternately in left and then right. But in real match scenario a little bit of time is consumed in watching the ball as to where your opponent has hit and then seeing that you move in that direction. Not that easy as it looks 🙁

  25. Here's a useful tip for beginners/amateurs in getting your footwork going. After playing any shot, do a little hop or skip with both feet – keep at it no matter what. Once you improve your footwork, this will grow into the "reset" button in your footwork.

  26. What if the ball has very heavy top spin side n the ball is spin away from the table to my backhand.. N going downward as it has top spin..? What reflexes or moves we can do at that time.. With which we can quickly return the ball..??

  27. As acasual player, I am good with my backhand but its very difficult for me to get the ball on forehand. What should i do ?>

  28. This is really good advice. Thank you.

    Legs first and hands later.

    One question : during the match, when someone plays the stroke to my backhand corner, I'm unable to switch from forehand to backhand quickly, and I end either lobbing it or missing it.

  29. When a person with good footwork plays against a clumsier one, it looks like the former makes no effort to move into position at all, as if all balls came at them magically)

  30. I'm a right handed player, what should be my position on the table? As i really struggle with countering long off forehand shots, as after the counter my complete backhand side becomes very very vulnerable, please help

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