Bozeman baseball aiming to bring back first state title

DOLPHINS HAVEN’T MET UP WITH PAXON THOUGH.. THEY ARE THE ONLY THING UNFAMILAR TO THE DOLPHINS.. THE EAGLES ARE 20-5 OVERALL AND ARE UNDEFEATED IN THEIR DISTRICT.. 10-0.. MOSLEY WILL HEAD TO THEIR TERRORITY FOR THIS GAME.. IN JACKSONVILLE.. FIRST PITCH FOR THIS ONE IS AT 7 P.M. AND WE WILL HAVE THOSE HIGHLIGHTS ON WEDNESDAY AT 10.. THE BOZEMAN BASEBALL TEAMS IS MAKING THEIR WAY TO FORT MEYERS TONIGHT.. FOR THE 1AHIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL CHAMPION SHIPS.. THEY HAVE ONE GOAL.. TO WIN IT ALL.. AND ONLY TWO GAMES STAND IN THE WAY OF THAT.. BELIEVE OR NOT.. THE BUCKS HAVE NEVER WON AT STATE CHAMPIONSHIP.. THEY’VE BEEN CLOSE.. IT’S THEIR 4TH TIME AT THE FINAL FOUR.. SOME OF THE GUYS ON THIS TEAM WERE ACTUALLY FRESHMAN WHEN THE BUCKS WENT BACK IN 2016.. NOW THEY PREPARE ALL DAY TODAY FOR THEIR FIRST CHALLENGE.. CHIEFLAND.. A TEAM THAT THEY HAVE TAKEN ON BEFORE BACK IN 2016.. AND LOST TO.. AT THIS SAME EXACT POINT.. BUT IT’S A DIFFERENT STORY NOW.. HEAD COACH JEFFREY PATTON SAID IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO THIS TEAM TO BRING BACK A STATE TITLE.. Tyler: “All of us you know some got it worse than others and some people ont he team had it pretty bad so just fighting that adversity and coming back to it makes it that much better.” Patton: “I think it owuld be good for Bay County in general, you know, the more bright spots for people that are struggling. and i know there is a lot of people in affected areas that have damaged homes and things like that and I know thwere is a lot of good people out there rooting for these guys to do it. You know we are rooting for the other guys in town and I know they are rooting for us, maybe we go get the first one and the Dolphins get the second one.” BOZEMAN’S SEMIFINAL GAME WITH CHIEFLAND IS SET FOR 1 P.M. ON WEDNESDAY.. HURRICANE MICHAEL DISPLACED A

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