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hi everyone gameplay bits 24/7 here
welcome back to my bounce masters gameplay walkthrough series putting
android ladies and gentlemen we are back here let’s continue on when we left off
on the last episode so we’re gonna check out the batch straightaway what have we
got in diamondback VIP well no because I know the game’s gonna try and make me
spend some real life money and I don’t want to do that right now so we ended up
getting the the big piece of meat for the back thing looks like a big piece of
ham what else coming again here we can get a swordfish for max speed increase
but I do like the piece of ham for now we have one hundred and fifty three gems
everyone I guess we will stick to the piece of ham for now guys are the hand
bat screw up we’ll stick with that let’s upgrade our max speed we do have 200
thousand gold pieces to actually spend here so yeah we’re doing pretty well
right now I’m definitely gonna be able to beat my highest score straight away
pretty much I reckon here let’s have a look here shall we do we have a daily
reward as well was that not available right now and it’s available at the
moment that’s alright just get an amazing hit instantly just remember of
course guys if you enjoyed today’s episode please remember to hit that like
and subscribe button to show you support I really would appreciate it okay now
this is the highest I’ve ever been in the game so what you see now is series
first everyone for me we’re gonna try and go as far as we possibly can
hopefully it all goes well looks like we have trees to add to a list of hazards
that we have to watch out for now in the game oh oh oh my god we went up a
Moose’s bar are you serious game dude that is brutal
alright well of ours we’ll watch the the four times bonus here just to get the
extra gold I’m gonna have to watch an ad no matter what I do so let’s get the
extra gold then I just have the extra gold everyone now I guess we go for the
chest as well let’s watch another ad straight away or either spin that
roulette here we go 21,000 old pieces there was very very close to
get a new penguin by the way but Sally was not able to achieve that finished
upgrade the rebound here there we go now he’s getting me back let’s get a new
bat shall we 300 will go for oh yeah what have you got here dude hmm we got a
foot amazing kick max speed beat force max speed beat for some rebound well go
for the zombie sport hey who’s cool a zombie sport we’re using no problems
that’s go now he probably was a bad head must’ve clicked too early there everyone
but still going pretty far for a bad hit I’m not complaining that bad bouncing
through the sky here don’t want to miss those bounces if I miss the bounces I’m
screwed I’ll land on the top of the whales head there we go nice strain to that snowman gotta try
and land in those puddles I heard excellent nice bright blue this everyone
we got cruzi hit three snowmen just got some sort of achievement there I was
trying to hit the puddle that’s right we’re still moving somehow we’re still
moving all right oh well 12,000 feet all right no worries
let’s watch this ad quickly I think it’s only a five second out anyway all just
fantasy yes yes yes no thank you game okay max speed what’s this here oops I
didn’t mean to click then oh no worries were super the amazing here so that’s
fine wasn’t a complete failure that makes me happy this is a very big
hit we’re out no problems game don’t move me along or just bounce off the top
there very lucky lots of hazards now by the way as you can see there are a lot
of hazards in our way excellent was still moving here trying
to land in that puddle but sadly I could not do it
I know yes we still the game amazingly we’re still in the game but now we did
so close to my higher zone so close through to the Diamonds just down on the
gems where our game wow wow wow alright here we go guys got some more money in
the alleys gonna upgrade my power a bit more what else we got here claim 11,000
gold thanks alright so that’s done at least what’s this here chest get a free
chest open no thanks there’s no mmm trauma for the daily
rewards put a sworn if you get daily rewards in this game I could be wrong
though I just got beat force upgrade here we go very big hit there this
should be good for me hopefully let’s find out we are cruising through the air very nice I hit the ground too hard then
was way too early are you serious I fell through the mushroom cuz I said
and click too early or the too late theoretically that is frustrating
everyone nice quickly skip this ad got a chest no
thanks Bri gems hey free against all other
games alright tuck the star here we go those are cool here apparently you see
how far we can go on a cool heads hopefully pretty pie Oh still moving
here getting very lucky I miss I’m still in the game somehow we are still in this
game together here your eyes yes got it to the pond
awesome I don’t know why people like the pond so much you’re not that good before
I just saw the end so I get more of a combo up there come
on Gabe hit 15 seals oh I missed where I missed did get some achievements there
at least that’s good how’s this arena of Valor skip that ad I prayed my power
let’s go there we got an amazing kick sweet off goes this little penguin nice
let’s see how far we can go into our ladies and gentlemen Oh No
that sucked so close time six gold there as well that’s right I just watched a
normal ad I’m not no normal ad for me cool say it’s time not bad that means we
have a slow run coming up now I guess we can talk I try and grind more of the
gems or miss I know oh yeah I was quite missed again mistimed ed oh well I’ll just survive
you’re kidding me trying to keep going here as much as I
can should have gone in the pond there we go excellent
getting that combo up big combo there guys very big combo dude do this combo we go
going on when our father can keep it up for looking pretty decent nice should’ve
gone in the pond should have gone in that pond that’s right we’re still going
here somehow excellent oh yeah knock down the moose that time
and I hit a tree oh man seriously 18,000 feet we got started close sorry so close
mr. flash let’s try again let’s go big here can we beat 20,000 score let’s find
out together here on 10,000 we passed 10,000 already landing on the 18,000
mark what a spot to landing guys awesome land on top of the Moose okay pretty
girl and on him new high score nearly ranged yes and now
I’m in the Moose’s but cool we’ve got 50 gems forty fifty four thousand gold for
watching out for 30 seconds alright game you got me
let’s go alright so now I’m at fifty four thousand gold everyone cool most
pumped right here max me okay that sweet a huge amount another big hit there we
are just cruising through the sky right now nice big speed increases definitely help
us out a lot we’ve actually just passed our highest score ever by upgrading our
speed there I’m not even joking dude I dam a new league reached I managed to
reach the new league are you serious and it’s awesome whoops my bad
I miss miss click that that’s okay we got the new league 22,000 feet all right
one more here everyone let’s play nice rewards there as well which we do for
last here what should we upgrade bounce or more
force more bat force I reckon let’s go amazing cage bruising through the sky now they’re good why don’t I get to
18,000 again that’s weird whoops my bad that’s the last hit anyway
for now thank you very much for watching everyone I hope you all enjoy I will
catch you all in the next episode tomorrow for more bounce and masters All
Right see you later

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  1. Hello gpv. Save up 600-700 diamonds for the sword bat because it gives like 20-25% beat force and 20-25% amazing kick

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