Bond Elite Sport: Matt Kuhnemann | Cricket

– Matt as a child growing up, he was always mad on sport, so he’d come home from school
and he’d put his shorts on he’d run round the house a hundred times and get the cricket bat
and go and whack a ball up against a wall for an hour or so. He’s always been a mad sports person. As a player Matt’s very competitive and I can tell you that from growing up playing back yard cricket. Matt is a spinner but some
of those backyard games he’d turn into a fast bowler
and he’d send beams down at ya. That’s his competitive nature, he doesn’t like to lose in anything. He spends hours and hours in
the nets working on his batting but he knows that his strength,
it is as a spin bowler. He spends a lot of time on his bowling. I guess being around the
Queensland Bulls players has been a massive thing in Matt’s life. His cricket’s gone to another level, he’s getting trained by the
best coaches in Australia, it’s been a massive step,
from coming from grade 12 from going pretty much
into the senior cricket with players in their late 20s, early 30s, he was always the young bull. Well, his goal’s always
been to play for Australia and he’s heading in the right direction. Already representing
Australia at the junior level and his ultimate goal is
to become a test player. He puts a lot of effort
into it, he prepares well and you know, it’s always
been the same thing. Put the effort in, work hard
and your dreams will come true.

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