Boeser and Horvat Play Baseball at NHL Network Studios

(upbeat music) – Oh. – Hi, I’m Bo, and this is Brock, and we’re here at NHL Studios,
we’re gonna do a little tour. – [Brock] First we walked
through this hallway with all these baseball cards. After that we went to a
studio for MLB Network, which was pretty sweet. There’s about four different
stations set up in there. (upbeat music) – Really struggling to
get on this chair here. (laughs) – I know, same. I thought I was gonna fall off the back. (upbeat music) – [Brock] And then we came
to this baseball field and hit some whiffle balls. (upbeat music) Can you throw it in here? – I am, right down the middle. – Not that one. – There you go. There you go. Gone. (sighs) – Should I whip heat in there? Oh! – That’s gone. – [Brock] That was ripped. If you hit me, I’ll beat you up. (laughs) (upbeat music) – My biggest dream would be obviously one, to win the Stanley Cup. Obviously gotta put that in there, but two, to take batting
practice with an MLB team, that would be really special. – Specifically any team? – The Twins. – The Jays would be nice. – That was right down the middle. – Is this bat broken? – [Bo] Yeah, it was a
really cool experience. You know obviously I had to
show Brock how to hit some (laughs) baseballs here. You know, just to see what
goes on behind the scenes, and see the facility here was pretty cool. And obviously to be on NHL Network there with Brock was pretty cool. (upbeat music) – Bo! You’re messing it up. (laughs) – Here, I just want you to turn. (sprays can) (upbeat music) – [Jackie Redmond] What about the best hair? Who has the best hair? – Definitely not him. – Um. – [Jackie Redmond] Not, okay. – I don’t know, I think Tanev, Tanev’s got some pretty sweet flow. – Yeah, greasy. – Thanks for stopping by,
we really appreciate it. I hope you had fun. – Yeah. – It was awesome, thanks for having us. – And keep up the good work,
you guys are fun to watch. – Oh thanks. – I tell ya, night after night, you guys are working and battling. Keep up the good work, maybe
we’ll see you in the playoffs, that’d be great. – Thank you, thanks for having us.

15 thoughts on “Boeser and Horvat Play Baseball at NHL Network Studios

  1. If Canucks and the Tavares Sweepstakes, we can make the playoffs this year, and then have a solid core for years to come.

  2. Future captain and Brock "Brockstar" Boeser!
    really hope these boys can bring the cup to Vancity in the way Toews and Kane did for the Hawks
    Bo seems like "captain serious" like material and Brockstar's rocking the sweet hair and sweet goals lol

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