Blues prepare for playoff push as regular season winds down

[Music] it’s hard to believe we’re almost 40 games in for san luis obispo at just a couple of weeks remaining in the regular season it’s time for the Blues to buckle down against the rest of their division just 13 games remaining as the Blues enter a crucial two-week stretch luckily for slow 11 of the final 13 games will be played at sin cyber most of them coming against division opponents at 23 and 14 the Blues are 9 games over 500 just one game out of a playoff berth and the CCL standings unfortunately for this squad they’re going to be able to make a playoff push in front of their home fans a home field advantage unlike any other in the California Collegiate League head coach Dan Marple says this team has worked hard all season and they’re primed to make some noise down the stretch especially in front of their home crowd our players play hard and it’s really fun to play in front of energetic fan base that san luis obispo fans generate here at sin Shimer Park and and the players feed off of that with two weeks left in the season you know we have plenty of opportunity for the fans to come out we’re playing the right teams the final two weeks and we’re playing really good baseball

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