Blokstok Cricket – Introduction with Commentary

so friends today I’m going to walk you
through this game we’ve just released on Google Play called Blokstok Cricket. Our
game tries to be as simple and as easy to learn as possible. The reason
we made this game is that recently I tried playing of one of these well-known
cricket games and apart from being hundreds of mega-bytes to download it
actually made my phone really hot now even though I am a techie I just
wondered how good or bad that could be for my phone and yet even though I kept
trying to play for 10-15 minutes I was distracted and I couldn’t
follow the tutorial. It was too difficult to learn. So I thought, why not make a
circuit game that’s as easy to learn as Angry Birds or Temple Run that somebody
just starts the game- and boom they know what to do and they start scoring. They start
playing and they start trying to beat their own scores and
they’d start trying to unlock achievements and make their way to the
leader routes so in that direction we made this game called Blokstok
Cricket and so without further history which we’ll come back to later; let
me show you how to play this game and what all this game allows us to do. This
game has three modes: (1) We have the challenge mode (2) we have the World Cup
mode and (3) we have the best score mode. In the challenge mode, we need to
overcome certain challenges and unlock achievements. So let’s try and see what
the challenge mode looks like. This is the challenge mode. We click on challenge
number one and here we go. We need to hit. We need to hit two fours
that’s the challenge so let’s let’s see how easily or how difficult it is for us
to hit two consecutive fours. okay so it’s not as easy as it looks and
let’s go back let’s let’s see what the best score mode looks like. Here we are
playing this in the best score mode. Let’s see how much I can score! oh I’m out! Let’s
go back to the menu and let’s have a look at the World Cup mode. Lets we play as India we have this very interesting thing that can take
screenshots in different places in the game so I’m
trying to take a screenshot of this so here goes we play men in blue I am
playing as India against England I’m out
let me play this one more time and then I’ll show you more of these functions
India vs. Pakistan. wooh! I’m out again let’s play again India vs. Zimbabwe.
Now… let me tell you that this is not just a ball machine but we actually tried to
incorporate qualities of different teams like the Pakistani team it gives pace
and bouncing balls. Indian team… well you must play it to see how and what we’ve
programmed for the Indian team this is just see we will try to win this match we won now you can play India vs.
England since we have a total of 10 teams and we are going to be playing as
one of the teams we have to play nine matches in the World Cup to defeat all
the other teams in the World Cup. So… we’ve lost… now let’s come back to the
main menu. yeah! So we have one more very interesting thing in this
game which is screen shots and the screen shot manager click this red
button and we have this oops we have 15 screen shots at least we haven’t
successfully click new screenshots it seems so here we go again So… we are merely playing along and
clicking screenshots in the process. Ooh… we are out again. I will go back and let’s have
a look at the screenshots we’ve clicked. Ok… here are the screenshots. Oh! A good one!
We can share the screenshot sending it to our self in Gmail. yeah! yeah… we have this option for best score
let’s let’s try it again. Let’s see what kind of score we can make. whoo-hoo I’m out.
Not a great score so to speak. Wooh! okay. So now we’re going to go back to
the main-menu – and that’s where our podcast ends.

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