14 thoughts on “Black Ball – The Players of the Negro Baseball Leagues

  1. Great historical overview of some prominent Negro Leaguers. While Bill James research is consistent and reputable, even he admits that providing ratings for many Negro League players was a challenge due to the paucity of statistics available for them. Much of the rating placement for Negro League players is attributed to the recollections of those who saw them play and provided their opinions.

  2. There is still stigma towards black players,that's why people still holding on to Ruths,DiMaggio's,Williams' etc even tho any objective baseball fan knows Willie Mays is clearly better then all of them..

  3. Louis Santop, Christobel Torriente and Spotswood poles, Jimmie llyons, Pete hill, Grant Johnson, Pop lloyd, Oscar Charleston, Cyclone William's, Biz Mackey, Bruce petway, Clint Thomas, Jelly Gardner, Mule Suttles, Josh Gibson, Buck, Oliver Marcelle, John Donaldson, String Bean.., Nip Winter's Chet brewer, Theodore Trent, Slim Jones, Satchel Paige, Bingo DeMoss, Newt Allen, Sammy T Hudges, Double Duty Radcliffe, Ted Strong, Cool Papa Bell, Jud Wilson, Andrew and Willie Foster, Dave Brown, Frank Wickware, Martin Dihigo, Frank Ducan, Wiliie Wells etc and etc…..etc and Canonbal Redding, Willis Jones, Frank Johnson, Jose Mendez, Binga Pelayo, Abe Jones, Horacio Martinez maybe.., Sam Bankhead, Leon Day, Joe…Rogan.., Phil Cockrell, Ray Brown, Willard Brown, Buck.., Ben Taylor, Rafael Almeida,Gervsio.., Emilio Sabourin, Alfredo Cabrera, Julian.., Heliodoro, Bernardo Baro, Carlos "Chino", Rogelio, Manuel.., Rafael Figarola G…,Bienviedo, Jose "Josieto", Lazaro, Moises Quintero, Juan Viola, Ramon "El professor", Armando "Chino", Tomas de la Cruz, Oreste "minnie" minoso and Esteban (steve) Bellan.

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