Birdies Fly At Bobby Jones Golf Course In Downtown Atlanta

what is up y’all hope y’all having a
great day out here at the Bobby Jones course in the middle of town middle of
Atlanta super cool little nine-hole course has two separate loops so you can
play it opposite the next day I think that they alternate on different days
between the Magnolia which is today and then the other loop so some of these
holes play completely opposite to a different green super cool concept
playing the Magnolia nine where you shouldn’t see it hi let it fly Bobby
Jones course Magnolia nine it has eight separate levels of tea boxes that is
pretty awesome I don’t see the level 80 boxes out today so we’re gonna go at the
level seven number one par-4 443 yards you can see
the green right back in there our target line often T’s gonna be that white
building see as you notice there we teed off with a
yellow ball not this one this was another one I had in the bag had a
sleeve of the new AVX balls trying them out what balls are you gonna be playing
here in 2020 or football as you currently play have you tried any of the
new balls out there you have dropping down in the comments below would love to
hear some feedback haven’t really gotten to test too many walking around looking
for a yardage marker and I don’t see any don’t have a rangefinder here’s where
the tee shot ended up that’s what we’ve got left there are white and red pins
we’re gonna be playing to the white pins we’re gonna work on field today
see how close we can get to the correct number I’m gonna play this shot 155
yards downwind pitching wedge in hand caught that one just a little heavy
laying it just short but did hop up onto the front edge of the green right here
lengthy putt for birdie probably gonna want to choke up just a little bit on
future shots from the fairway just because of how wet it is if I choke up a
little bit it’ll help me not dig so much because you don’t want that when it’s
really wet what’s a bar here on one number two
par-4 431 yards straight back into the wind pretty straight hole and see the
green off there we’re just going to be going right at the pin good right there today is probably a day
that we’re not getting many stingers but to being so wet and chilly well it’s not
gonna roll very far and I just want to carry it as far as possible so probably
gonna be hitting a lot of drivers today all right here we are in the fairway
roughly 140 yards left straight back into the wind 9-iron in hand – my name
is Jose that number right there on a day like today I didn’t anticipate hitting
too many shots along with it being windy and cold however I was a little long hit
that 9-iron really well hit it how I wanted to just misjudge the distance
there it was probably playing more like 130 instead of 140 or here on to even par through two holes
on to number three par-3 175 yards back up the hill into the wind I’m gonna go a
6-iron I think this shots playing pretty long we’ll take that let’s go that was the
best iron swing today so far I don’t know how close it is can’t see the
surface of the green walking up here right now I think that one could be
close just a little short landed right there
hopped up right there 20 feet back up the hill for bird number four par four
down the hill our line is going to be that pole pole there 317 yards right
back into the way just a little ripe it should be alright
walking up here as you can tell that pole right there was almost in line with
the flag flag er sitting just a little write it up pull I believe we’re gonna
have ended up right over in there so really not too bad
great shape right here just short of the green chip and back up the hill let’s
get this up and down for a first pin slammer today let’s go Oh
oh I thought we had a pin slammer that is a par here
number five par five 568 yards dogleg to the right this is a super cool little
par five we’re going to try to aim somewhere right in there
play a little cut over the corner ended up hitting now I’m pretty straight
didn’t have much fade on that that’s alright we’re still in good shape not
sure how far we’re gonna have left in probably al always home alright I knew
exactly how much room he had to work with right there thankfully there’s a
puddle to stop that ball we’re okay roughly 265 yards left to the middle of
the green you know my motto I didn’t come here to lay up hi that’s alright I think it’s pretty
open over there we’re gonna have to go find it not the lie we were looking for
there’s the green a little short right got some work to do let’s go ended up
right here roughly 15 feet left for birdie that is one of the better
scrambling birdies I’ve had in a while that lie was no joke over there came out
about like I was hoping for kind of checked up a little bit left us that 15
footer and finally rolled the rock today let’s go
1-under through five number six par four 378 yards that’s the green right there
you see off in the distance our aiming points going to be kind of
the corner of that building so I wanted to show you all something
real quick this bunker right here is on the back side of this grain doesn’t
affect the hole at all the way we played it coming from the opposite direction
number five I don’t know what hole this would be but you would play into this
green from this angle totally different hole when they flip it around and do a
different loop super cool concept an idea would love for y’all to drop down
in the comments below and let me know about other nine hole courses maybe
where you’re from and other cities that I could drop in do a little course vlog
share a special little place and a cool deal to get out just have some fun
I spent 19 bucks to come out here and walk 9 middle of Atlanta a cool little
layout and definitely a sweet concept so let me know in the comments below
great shape off the tee right here 70 yards left to a middle pen well that is
my destination 70 yards give or take maybe if you I don’t know somewhere in
there 70s not a bad wedge shot in there Lana’s somewhere in there did take a
firm hop roughly 20 feet left for birdie go back-to-back tweeters and that is who
we like to see from the putter right there rolling the rock back to back pin
Slammers let’s go number seven par four four hundred and sixty yards bins all
the way around this water right there Green sits off back in there probably
gonna take driver somewhere maybe at that little pole right there the driver is feeling good today great
shape right here roughly 70 yards left teamed up with someone here to play the
last few holes and he is throwing darts look at that one up there close we got a pup for it that was slow I thought know who’s gonna
be quick down the hill got some work to do you never like to see the three pot
Bodie number eight fourth three right back into the wind 153 yards
7-iron right here back into the breeze need to fly too low this plane a long
ways probably roughly 180 well we are putting little ways left
it’s get cold quick one under with one and a half left one right there on the
edge roughly 30 feet left for birdie plus all the rock big two-putt right there
number nine our final hole par-5 571 yards here’s the fairway over here but
the green is all the way over there on the other side of that bridge looks like
there’s not a whole lot of trouble right in there I think we’re going to take the
shorter route right there allows Rover Amon we’re gonna go up
there and find it and hit it again alright we’re in good shape right here
254 yards left to the pin over the bridge over those trees you know the
motto I didn’t come here to lay up I don’t know there’s gonna be a tough one
we gotta hit this high and hit it hard because it is right back into a strong
wind I don’t know where that ended up I
couldn’t see a land but I’m not gonna hear much better into that wind let’s go
we are dry like I said that was asking a lot we ended up just short of the green
let’s get this up and down we’re going to the white flag that’s the one we’re
playing today of an alpha bird all right does a part here on the last
hope you’ll enjoy coming along the Bobby Jones course for the Magnolia nine
there’s the Azalea nine as well where the loop completely changed is gonna
have to come back and play that night as well at some point in time finish a one
under two birdies one bogey didn’t have our best short game showing there the
last few holes with the three putt not getting up and down there on the last
however it was so much fun hope you enjoyed coming along java light
down below if you enjoyed this vlog today thanks so much for all of support
couldn’t be doing this without y’all so thank you so much and until next time
we’ll see you always see it you

100 thoughts on “Birdies Fly At Bobby Jones Golf Course In Downtown Atlanta

  1. I’m torn between the new Bridgestone Tour BX and a Pro V1X. I want good performance, but more importantly consistency with the ball.

  2. After the clubhouse is finished there is going to be a new putting green with 18 holes like St. Andrews you should come back when those are out.

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  4. Have you played the AVX in firm conditions? With it being a low spin ball I wonder how it can hold greens when it's firm.

  5. If you’re ever in Indiana you should check out angel hill golf course. It has covered bridges and a small family cemetery by one of the tee boxes.

  6. Hancock Golf Course right next to the University of Texas in Austin has a fun 9 holes that’s really cheap to play. I highly recommend it!

  7. Willow ridge in port Huron Michigan. 9 holes and I think is only like 10 or 12 dollars to walk. Most par 4s are drivable or close to drivable so could do a “how low can you go” challenge

  8. The content’s great, love your personality and commentary, but I gotta point out the “For Birdie” text, that is legit the dopest thing I’ve seen on a video XD.

  9. I like the concept of the different loops, like Sweetens Cove I guess? Good use of a smaller piece of land to keep it interesting. Keep the videos coming, love 'em!

  10. They have two pins like one for the front and then one if you play a second nine that you can use as the back nine? Course looked nice even in it's dormant stage!! Weird that the don't have yardage markers? It probably helps with your depth perception!! Great golf Zac!!

  11. Not a 9 hole course but Forrest Hills in Augusta is the number one public course in the Augusta area. It’s a Donald Ross design. Bobby Jones won the Southeastern Open here in 1930 then went on to win the grand slam. Home to Augusta University (where Patrick Reed competed and won a natty in college) and just 2 miles from Augusta National. Pretty reasonable greens fees and just a beautiful layout. Let me know if you ever want to check it out!

  12. Rocking the Kirkland Signatures this year. Haven't found a ball I like as much for even close to the price. I've turned 4 or 5 others on to them and they all love them as well!

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  15. You are wrong about the 3 putt bogey. I do that more than I birdie so it's nice to see a player of your caliber do it too. Lol
    I'll drive a par 4 in 1 and walk away with a 4. So don't feel bad

  16. My first golfing memory is my dad taking me out to this course. The background skyline has changed, but this vid was a trip down memory lane. Thanks for this.

  17. Hey Zac, If you like the idea of a reversible golf course you have to try "The Loop" at Forest Dunes here in Michigan. A complete 18 hole golf course that flips each day. Play them back to back days and see how different the course plays. The resort is also very nice if you choose to stay there.

  18. Hey Zac! Not sure if you remember, but I'm from Livermore, CA. Recommended The Course at Wente if your ever out here! Anyways, Poppy Ridge Golf has 3, 9 hole courses (Merlot, Chardonnay and Zinfandel). Super fun and is actually where I'm getting married this year. Love watching your videos and seems to be helping me with my golf game somehow.

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  20. Back in the A. I’ve been able to get out to Bobby Jones a handful of times since the new year and the greens have been substantially slower than normal… Kind of a mind F#%K. Actually out there last Saturday. I’m glad you got to experience the course how it always seems to be playing while I’m there; cold, wet and windy. I’m over this damn rain.
    Side note: playing #7 right of the water, down the cart path takes most of the water out of play. Like I said last time, if you are brave enough to make your way over to Browns mill, I’ll join you. Kind of sketch neighborhood, but a fun city owned course with surprisingly awesome greens. A hidden gem if you will.

  21. What do you think of the video A Golfers Walk just posted about diversity in tv telecasts and someone like you being a part of them. He mentioned and talked about you or other YouTubers being a part of the telecast.

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  23. I have played the opposite direction, that is a REALLY fun course both directions. Visit if you are in town. After a round you can head over to Oakland Cemetery about 3-4 miles and visit Bobby Jones gravesite. Really worth the trip. Then head across the street to Six Feet Under and have a beverage ot the man.

  24. Sweet round would be playing Sewanee 9 then Sweetens Cove 9 for an 18 hole score. Planning to run that track soon (played both but not on the same day). Nothing like a 25 miles gap to hit the turn.

  25. zac theres a really cool par 3 course here on long island that basically does replica holes of well known famous par 3s would LOVE to see you come out here and do a video on it

  26. I play the MG Tour C4, which is surprisingly good and inexpensive. You should totally give them a go, but you can’t really buy them in stores—only through catalogue.

    Got some Srixon Z Star XVs for Christmas and will try them out this year to see how I like them.

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  28. Played there the other day, U did way better 😂. Just a few miles from work love that track. Great video as always great edit, thanks for showing us the round!

  29. I'm playing the inesis tour900 feel and performance of prov1 and the other high-end balls for half the price. Zac on a Bobby Jones course 2 gentlemen of the game of golf

  30. Also, like most people in this comment section, I really really like the “For Birdie” and “For Par” text overlays.

  31. Ditched ProV1-X for Snell MTB-X last year and never looked back. Buffer Park in Indianapolis was built over an old landfill. Cheap, always in great shape and BYOB.

  32. Zac I need some tips for putting can u gimme a few of u see this comment hmu on Instagram @cullinane.daniel u don’t need to follow me just direct message me

  33. Welcome to the A! My first ever round of golf was on this course! That was long before they made the course changes though.

  34. Finally a putt made on 5! Thank god!

    And swan point in maryland. Very close to VA, cheap, back to back par 3s, and an island green in the swamp

  35. Using Titleist DT Trusoft and love them. Callaway supersoft next up. I play a local 9 hole course called Links at City Park, Portsmouth VA. It has a driving range, putting green and good golf surrounded by a fishing pier, tennis courts, playground and a park train lol. Longest hole is about 290ish and shortest (first hole) is 100 yds. Hole 6 you're hitting over water and hole 9 has water to the left of the green. Love it!

  36. In Oregon, of course there's Bandon Dunes, but just south of Portland, Oregon, there's my favorite golf course Stone Creek Golf Course in Oregon City. Super fun course

  37. Zac, was your dad in the securities industry, with Kidder and then PaineWebber? If so, I knew him well but lost connection. I live in ATL. I play at CGC.

  38. I actually played the Bobby Jones Golf Course back in October during the Georgia State Golf Association Adaptive Golf Championship …. awesome course and great people !

  39. @Zac Radford, thank you for all course vlogs. I really enjoy watching these. A Q for you. What handicap do you play at now a days?

  40. Was playing with the Calloway ERC soft balls simply for what's now dubbed the "Triple Track" lines because of my horrendous putting. I noticed the ERCs were getting rough spots and gouges fairly easy and have switched to the Chrome Soft X w/ Triple Track and have seen them take less damage through a round. Getting a new putter soon to help with what I think is balance and pace issues with my putting. I know Zac putts with a CS Seemore. Thinking about going with a CS putter to help with pace and feel. My hard lack in putting is probably due to lack in practice but….oh well. Buy a new putter seems easier 😂😭

  41. If you ever make it up to Northeast Ohio (Cleveland / Akron area) – I'd love to play with you. There's TONS of awesome courses up here.

  42. Yankee Trace Golf Club in Centerville Ohio, 3 9-hole courses, top 10 municipal courses in the country, easy to make a tee time, a little pricey, worth the money though, very well kept. Check it out sometime for sure!

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