Biggest Fights Between Cricket Players | Top 5 Biggest Cricket Fights | Biggest Fights in Cricket

Welcome to Cricketude. Please Subscribe Our Channel and Don’t Forget to Hit the Bell Icon. At number 5 we have Marlon Samuels and Shane Warne. While bowling Mullen pulls the t-shirt of David Hussey And restricted him from taking a run. Later on, on the match Shane Warne took revenge of that. They exchanged warm words between them and got into an ugly fight. At number four we have Kiron Pollard and Mitchell starc. It was amatch of IPL between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore. There was a strong rivalry going on between stark and Pollard but the worst thing happened when Pollard stepped away from a delivery and stark still bowled at his body line. Things got worse and later on officials came into action. Number three Javed Meredith vs Dennis Lillie. Normally both of them are cool headed players but the sad thing happened when Lilly tried to put his leg on Miadad’s pad, Javed got furious and tried to hit Lilly with his bat but the Umpire came in between them and solved the issue. Inzamam Ul Huq is at number two. It was a match between India and Pakistan One Indian spectator repeatedly called Inzi “Alu” “Alu” from the gallery. Inzamam got furious, he went inside the gallery and beat that expectator with his bat. Later on, other people and
securities came in to stop him. At number one we have a incident from
Bermuda. It was a domestic match in Bermuda cricket. We don’t even know the name of the bowler and batsman. They sledged each other and things got ugly when they got involved in physical fight. Umpires and other players couldn’t manage to stop him. Later on, the officials came in and they were forced to stop the match.

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