Big changes for youth baseball, Academy Sports & Outdoors baseball bat trade-in

STORE FOR KIDS PARTICIPATING IN YOUTH BASEBALL THIS YEAR… AND WITH MANY OF OUR AREA LEAGUES STARTING THIS WEEKEND…YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THOSE CHANGES.. VO A NEW BAT STANDARD IN NOW IN PLACE IN ALL DIVISIONS EXCEPT SENIOR LEAGUE AND PONY BASEBALL.. AND MANY OF THE BATS USED IN LITTLE LEAGUE LAST YEAR ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE.. ALL BATS USED THIS YEAR MUST BE STAMPED WITH THE NEW USA BASEBALL MARK.. AND HERE’S WHY.. richard wendland oil belt little league SOT well, USA which is the new authority that little league has put in place for bats standards. They want to preserve the long term intergrity of the game. A lot of these newer alloys, composite medals coming out they put a lot of pop on the ball and they bascially want to keep it about the development and the abilities of the kids versus the ability of the bat VO ALRIGHT.. SO WITH ALL THE NEW CHANGES.. YOU ARE PROBABLY IN NEED OF A NEW BAT.. .. OUR GOOD FRIENDS AT ACADEMY SPORTS AND OUTDOORS HAVE YOU COVERED. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS GO TO THEIR STORE WITH YOUR OLD BAT AND YOU CAN TRADE IT IN AND GET A BRAND NEW ONE… PLUS YOU’LL GET A DISCOUNT.. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS.. SOT ok so we have a trade in program right here at Academy Sports and Outdoors. If you have a bat that is not compliant with the 2018 rule, you need this sticker USA right here. It’s marked on every bat then you are not compliant. Make sure your bat has the USA sticker. You can bring your old bat in, trade it in for 20 percent off at all Academy stores. So bring in your old bat and get 20 percent off VO ALRIGHT.. THERE YOU HAVE IT… SEVERAL DOZEN BATS HAVE ALREADY BEEN BROUGHT TO THE STORE FOR TRADE IN.. BY THE WAY.. YOU CAN GO TO ANY ACADEMY SPORTS AND MORE LOCATIONS… AND THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU TAKE FULLSCREEN ALAN ISLES ON KDF-TV MCNEESE STATE AT ISLANDERS

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