BHS vs SGA Football

It’s an emotional win. We’ve been through a lot this year. A lot of struggles and to our credit of our kids and our players and our specially the Seniors. They never quit never giving up hope and I’m thankful and happy for them
that we won homecoming. [Reporter] For the game itself you were down at the half and you came back out. What was the message to your guys and being able to get them back into this game? It was just keep doing what we’re doing. Were both in the same situation. Lots of injuries a lot of kids going both ways
so we just told them eventually we’d wear them down just keep doing were
doing, don’t do anything dumb, don’t turn the ball over, don’t give up big plays
which like we gave up one but other than that we did okay and it was just
basically to control the ball which we did. We had the ball most the second half
and we knew we’d eventually wear them down. We’re gonna have to go to Fal. They’re a good team lots of speed, lots of size a
really good team that really improved from last year. So we’ll see how we look.
Injury wise I think we got out pretty good and you know come Monday get ready
for Fal and hopefully we can get on a winning streak. Just trying to get out
there and be competitive and see what we can do hopefully we’ll have a full team
and you know fight again and get after the George West. I mean
they’re really good teams so I don’t want us to you know be timid I wants to
play our hardest and that’s what we’re trying to do. You know we did play tough.
I guess I’m just…I’m really upset and embarrassed over the last few seconds
right at the end of the game. We took a a hard fought performance and then
we shattered it. I mean with how we acted at the end…it’s just tough.

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