Betfair football trading – Visualising trading data on a football match

I received some pretty positive comments
from a spreadsheet that I uploaded and showed in a video not so long ago and I
actually thought that the spreadsheet was pretty basic really and what I
wanted to do is show you some of the more interesting stuff that you can do
by linking bet angel to a spreadsheet and it’s all around visualization and
what I mean by that is because Bettinger can link to a spreadsheet and because
Bettinger can link to more than one market you can actually do some very
powerful things so in a football match what I’ve done here on this potential
spreadsheet is I’ve linked to the match odds but I’ve also linked to correct
score over and under one and a half goals in a whole variety of different
markets so you can see there’s a whole bundle of markets that I’ve linked
betangel to board up done is I’ve created a sheet on the top level of here
which visualizes all of that data for me to look in one go and it does it in
format that allows me to not only see information presented in a visually
attractive and informative way before the match but as the match unfolds the
spreadsheet will change dynamically and allow me to assess the match real time
as well so I’ll just describe what you can actually see on the screen here so
the primary section that you can see here the bit with loads of arrows is
actually the correct score element of the market so it’s this data here so you
know if you look at the data that’s coming off the market in this format
it’s very uninteresting and totally unintuitive but if we flick back to the
top level screen here what you can actually see as I start on the left here
with nil-nil and then the market builds out in the sequence of scores that would
be like due to curb hence the arrows and so for example if we’re looking at this
match tonight then the score could go 1 nil and then we get an equaliser and
then the home team go 2-1 and then they wait and pull it back to tool so
basically the arrows are just you know these are the paths that can be
followed now as the match actually gets underway what will happen is scores that
have already occurred will blank out and it will leave you with the paths that
are only available to you for the remainder of the match and what it also
does this displays the odds and the percentage chance of this occurring
according to those odds so you get a dynamic view of the match
unfolding as we get underway so it’s you know it’s a really interesting way to
look at the market but also you know just that little cluster of information
there contains so much other information as well because basically you can look
at this and you can say well anything above that part of the line has to be a
home win you know 1 mil to mil 2 1 3 3 9 3 1 3 to mix up your exception so you
can see here it’s added up those eventualities and worked out for the
chance of the home win is dynamically and you can also see that these are
draws and these are away wins so in fact it contains more information than you
would imagine and that’s because if you view it horizontally it’s giving you the
outcome of the actual match itself if you view it vertically it’s actually
giving you the chance of the number of goals so you can see we’ve added up
their vertical columns here and this is telling us the number of goals that are
within this match so again this graph that we can see over here is linked in
to the spreadsheets which will update automatically as the match is underway
and you’ll see the graph change shape as the match progresses underneath here
we’ve worked out the chance if they match ending up overall under number of
certain goals because of course we’ve collected the data at the top here so
that’s a useful way of looking at the market but also we’ve sucked in data to
do with the match odds as well so we have a nice little pie chart here that
will tell you the chance of one team or the draw occurring and this will update
dynamic is the matches underway as well so by taking the link that you get with
betangel to excel and linking it to multiple markets that you have in
football you can actually create a completely different way of looking at
the market and there’s no limit on the number of markets that you can put in to
excel and get Bettinger to update automatically so you can in fact
this across a number of different markets and a number of different sports
we just happen to have chosen to do it on football here and you can link to
multiple spreadsheets using the Guardian facility on batch Angeles so explore it
have a look it’s a really useful thing to do and you can immediately see the
benefit that you produce from here

9 thoughts on “Betfair football trading – Visualising trading data on a football match

  1. Hi, I am trying to replicate this sheet, but i cant get my head around where you get the % for each outcome, i.e for 0-0 you say its a 7.41%. Please can you help me figure it out, i think you say its from the odds and then it will disappear once the score is no longer possible.

    Many thanks


  2. I spent ages trying to work it out, got it, knew it was simple, just divide odds by 100, i was looking for a long complex formula

  3. Oh really, after all that!!! just my luck, although i like to write my own, do you have the link for it please, i just cant see it.

    I have written a good horse race sheet, if you wanted to look at it, it works for me, i tend to get about 5% before the off on most races, or just take a small loss rather than going in running

  4. TBH, I think it's better to create your own spreadsheet anyway as you learn through the process of doing it. I can't post links in You Tube, but if you visit our web site and then the forum you should find it.

  5. Only just spotted this post, sorry, We derived the % from the correct scores over 1. So 1/12.50 = 8%, make sense?

  6. How come the combined percentage on CS with all unqouted scores include amount to over 100%, shouldn't it be a 100% even? 🙂

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