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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Roneil
has asked us a question about how can he get himself into a rhythm quicker. When he gets to his matches he feels like
it takes him a long time to get up to his level. In fact he feels like it’s only after
his first five set match that he can get there. Roneil, you are already doing some warmups
which is really good and I really recommend that so make sure you are getting your body
moving, your heart rate up as well. You’re also doing some shadow strokes before your
match. A couple of other things that I’d like you
to experiment with. Firstly, when you do get onto the table and if you get a chance to
do some hitting is to really challenge yourself with your hitting. So rather than just doing
some forehand to forehand, or backhand to backhand, I want you to start by doing some
anywhere hitting. So that is going to immediately get you a little bit more switched on to tracking
the ball which is going to be important when you move into your match situation. The other important thing I want you to do
is to make sure that you’re doing some serving, and return of serve, and some third ball practise
before your match starts. Again, we want to get that as close as we can to what it’s going
to be like when you start your match. So two things to focus on, one do some anywhere hitting
really early on in your practice, and it only needs to be for a minute or two, and then
do some serve, return of serve practice, and some third ball practice, and that will hopefully
get you into a rhythm a lot quicker.

21 thoughts on “Best Warm Up for a Fast Start | Table Tennis | PingSkills

  1. Warming up doesn't seem to help me a lot. Learning how my opponent plays helps me a ton more.

    Thanks for the video though.

  2. Hello ! My palette gets dusty daily because I keep it in the house on stuff with dust . Any tips on how to clean the surface without damaging the aderance of it?

  3. i have a question when i try to return the server or lift ball from below the table he smash fast how i stop him

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