BEST Soccer Football Field in the WORLD! – Henningsvær, Norway

– Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put a football
field on it’s own island in the middle of the heart
of the Norwegian Sea? I hadn’t either until I heard about it. And I decided I had to go
see what it was all about. My name is Cody Buffinton and I’m an adventure
seeking world traveler, exploring the incredible
country of Norway. But before we can reach
this group of islands where the what might be the
world’s coolest football field, we have to make a quick stop at a place that looks like the set
of an epic fantasy movie. (“We are Legends 5” by Rannar Sillard) Just a quick two kilometer hike. And we cross these super helpful planks covering the soaked ground. Then just shortly after
we come to a clearing where we can see the overlooking viewpoint that we’re looking for. We just made it down to the beach now. And we didn’t realize, you
actually go down to the beach and then up the hill to
get to the viewpoint. There’s actually a lot of
people camping down here as well which is pretty smart. You can just come down
here, camp and chill. And there’s a good amount of people here. It’s almost like it’s own camping site. (“Keep You Near 3” by Niklas Gustavsson) It’s like the vikings just
came and settled here. There’s all these little
tents. (chuckling) Everyone’s settling here. This is amazing. This one’s probably the best one. It’s like a full on teepee
tent, with it’s own campfire. Baaaa (sheep bleats) So now that we’ve made it
pretty much the two kilometers to the beach, I didn’t realize that it’s probably another two
kilometers up to the top. When they tell you it’s two kilometers, it’s I guess just to the beach. Extremely sore and cold up here, but I can tell this view’s
about to be worth it. I think Josh is almost dead. Before this whole hike,
I ate a whole pizza. Josh didn’t. So I’ve got like all
the energy in the world. Josh, not so much. – I actually, to be honest,
I was trying to give up. I thought, I don’t think I can do it. I never once said that to a hike. I never once said I’m
not gonna do the hike. I really felt like I was gonna pass out. Never once done that. I didn’t realize how legit
energized you can get off carbs. – [Cody] Yeah, I know. – Like I had good protein. Yeah, this is fine. – [Cody] But you don’t wanna
eat like salad before a hike. You don’t wanna do that. – Yeah, like I feel dizzy and everything. – [Cody] What is this
world we’ve come up to. I think we’ve gone too high. We’re gonna have to hang
out on this part right here until it clears. It’s kinda been the problem
the past couple days here is it gets, the clouds
and fog get really low. So a lot of the mountains are covered and you can’t see the views from up top. The sun is covered by this haze right now. So it’s like a giant, just
a giant orb in the sky. It’s pretty interesting,
like if there was smoke like sometimes in forest fires, they have this really weird haze. That’s what it looks like right now. The sun is covered. It is freezing and I’m
still looking for puffins. I haven’t seen any puffins yet. I’m still trying, still trying
to find one here on my hike. (“The Lost Cities”) – Oh yes. Dude without this, I swear, without this I don’t even know if I
can make it to the rest. Even if we could actually get up there. Really. – Just a couple Skyrs worth of boys. How do you feel, better? – Getting there. – It’s like, it’s like
those snickers commercials. (laughs) You’re not you when you’re hungry, Josh. Have a Skyr. We decided to hike down due to the low visibility from up top and head up further north
to the football field. In this small fishing village the population is a little under 500 and has recently gained many new tourists due to it’s beautiful layout and it’s popularity on social media. We have made it to the
soccer/football field depending on what country you’re in. And it is beautiful. It is kinda like a moody day. It’s overcast here, but it
makes it look so much better. Look at the clouds on that
mountain in the background. That is amazing. These little wooden stalls right here, I believe if they’re like the other ones all around Lofoten, they
are used to dry cod heads. Cods are a popular fish
here that everyone catches, and they actually cut off
the head and the body, and they just dry the heads. And what they do is they
actually, once it’s dry, they crush it up into protein. And they send it out to Africa. So they keep the bodies here,
and they send the protein– it’s like a protein cod
head basically powder that goes out to Africa. Josh and I are being
challenged by this guy who is from Afghanistan but
living here in Norway now. He looks like a good soccer player. And he’s challenging us. Josh is right now trying to be the goalie. I’m gonna try next, see how I do. (Josh yells) (Cody laughs) – [Josh] Whoa, karate chop. Sorry. Here we go. – Aye. – Goal. (“Carnaval Para a Bala”
by Niklas Ahlstrom) – [Cody] With increasing popularity and it’s scenic backdrop, the European Soccer
Organization and Pepsi Max have filmed campaigns here as well. (“Carnaval Para A Bala”
by Niklas Ahlstrom) It’s a small field with
no stadium seating, but for the 500 residents,
it’s a perfect size. Now does this place flood when the big waves come in the winter? Well due to the surrounding
rocks and islands, most of the harsh waves
are actually stopped before they even get to this field. So if you’re in Lofoten, you have to see what could be the world’s
most amazing football field. Thank you guys for watching. If you’re interested in or
planning on going to Norway, I have a free travel guide video preview to get you started in the right direction and ease you’re planning headaches, so that you can start
enjoying these views as well. The link to the video to help
you plan your epic Norway trip is in the description as always. And until next time, explore the world. (“Carnaval Para A Bala”
by Niklas Ahlstrom)

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