100 thoughts on “Best Ping Pong Shots 2018

  1. very entertaining, of course for 1 shot that works there has been 99 at least, that didn't work, just leave the camera rolling. Good though.

  2. Fué re crack gracias por hacer este video me ayudó a mejorar en mi entrenamiento de tenis de mesa y pude competir en las competencias de los colegios de la Salle gracias por hacer este video en serio me sirvió demasiado

  3. i dont even play this, but im sure ill chalenge random guy when i see ping pong table, its beat or get beaten very sure

  4. 外国の人ばかりでこのコメ浮くだろうけど、言わせてもらう。こいつはスゲェよ

  5. Aee seja quem for q fez esse vídeo deveria se informar mais sobre tênis de mesa pq esse movimento de fazer a bola passar por fora da rede está errado, e o ponto acaba sendo do seu adversário….

  6. Can someone donate me good table tennis racket? Please anyone I'll give you my postal address. I need support I'ma student and I don't afford

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