100 thoughts on “Best Ping Pong Shots 2017

  1. Hey guys, are there any Japanese viewers here who would want to help us translate some subtitles (from English to Japanese) in our other videos? Comment below if you could help us and we will get in touch with you, would be much appreciated!

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  4. Jävligt coola grejer det mesta har ju gjorts av japanska youtubers iofs. Vore coolt om ni kom på lite egna tricks.
    Ni behöver inte repriser heller. Detta är youtube så vi kan spola tillbaka själva.

  5. You go in the ping pong player MA Long to do the effects or shots or any effect?
    I wish his best shots were
    Equal to yours

  6. I don't understand one thing that you try to show in a video how cool you play and how come you are not in olympics.i know the answer because you are not good enough.

  7. 卓球あんまり知らない人からすると凄いけど卓球部とかは全然凄く感じれない

  8. Plss can you give me a paddle??my paddle was brock and i don't have any money to buy a butterfly paddle plsss im begging you

  9. This is like the opposite of Dude Perfect. Truly skill (not lucky) shots with nobody really celebrating at the end, just like, "yup."

  10. भाई एक ऐसे वेडियो बनाओ जिसे लोग इंप्रेस हो जाए

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