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hello and welcome to Don Pedro
millennium course out here in villa mora in portugal and i’ve been very busy on
the range this morning testing a range of training aids i’ve got something here
from three pound 50 right up to something that’s nearly 75 pounds a bit
of a range bit of different benefits for each one for depending on what you need
to work on in your swing I’m going to talk you through some of my favourites
let’s start with this one it’s the long ridge power band it comes in at 3 pound
49 so proper bargain there for you bargain hunters and what it does is it’s
got two holes in either side of this band for your arms and you put it up
your body and it keeps your core nice and compact now this should help with
things like distance control because as many of you will know and if you’ve got
a bit of a flying elbow or your sort of your arms come up like this it can just
cause all sorts of issues so this one is really for those sorts of players who
you know have a bit of a poor sort of arm action during the golf swing three
pound 50 if you’re one of those golfers I don’t think you can really go too far
wrong with this for me personally I didn’t really find too many benefits
because if anything my golf swing is too too compact and for me it didn’t quite
work because of that however if you’re relatively new golfer who struggles with
a big you know flying elbow a bit of a slice this could really be a
game-changer three pound 50 it’s definitely worth taking a punt there
next one for me is the skills golf grip trainer now again this is a good value
product it comes in under 10 pounds online and what it does is it just slips
straight onto your golf club and I used it with a range of grips from regular
sizes to sort of mid sizes and it fitted on the more on all of them perfectly I
also used it with them sort of more plain textured grips as well as cord
grips and sort of rubber compounds and again no issues in terms of fitting so
that’s very good it’s got two arrows on the bottom here
that you line up square with a clubface so you know you’ve got it in the right
place and as I said it just slots on and then you put one thumb over the top one
thumb over the bottom and then you’ve got this perfect grip in theory and for
me actually I think the theory worked I felt my grip was better for it and I
could really understand where it should be and where it’s at and for that reason
I think this is a really great device for under a tenner that sort of
confidence that your grip is going to be in the right place every time and
I think that’s great value I think this is also good because it can be used by
scratch golfers who just want to double-check their fundamentals and it
can be used by beginners who are just starting out and have no idea where
their hands should go in the golf club this tells them it’s you know in an
instant where they should be so really versatile product really good value and
I think a lot of people like this moving on to the slightly more expensive
options I’ve got the alignment Pro Tour sticks here you get a pair of these one
is just a normal alignment stick with some lines on for things like feet
position ball position the other one which the one I’m holding here has two
hinges in it that hinge up to 90 degrees like this and you can do a whole range
of things with it you can use it for gateway drills and chipping drills you
can use it for sort of swing plane if you line it up there you can get a sort
of an ideal swing plane you can stick it in the ground because it’s got spikes on
either end so you can use it stop swaying if you’re struggling with a bit
of sway in action you can also match it with your shaft plane so you can bend
one end like this and sort of match the shaft plane so if you’re struggling with
saying over the top over the top swing where you’re coming short of the wrong
side of the line you can put this in the ground and get that real physical
feedback if you’re hitting the stick or if your nicely coming under it so so
many uses for this it is 54 pounds I found it online if it’s not 55 pounds so
it’s a bit of an investment but if you practice once a week twice a week on the
grass as well as on the range then definitely consider something like this
just to check those fundamentals to make swing improvements and keep your game on
track finally I’m going to finish with the DST compressor this is the most
prices to miss them little lineup of training aids it comes in at just under
75 pounds as the name suggests DST compressor is all about compressing the
ball correctly at impact so you get ball then turf and that beautiful strike for
any players that struggle with a bit of a risky strike a bit of a low strike
don’t really get that nice high launch definitely consider this as you can see
it’s designed with a bit of a wonky shaft that’s on purpose and the idea is
your hands it’s just encourages your hands to get in front of the ball
through impact and there’s also a line on the hosel they call that the eye line
and if you correctly line that up with the grooves at impact you should have
your hands in front of the ball correctly and then all you need to focus
on is making a good rotation and keeping those hands ahead of the ball and you
should hope fingers crossed see strike improvements
I certainly did you know use this for probably half an hour 45 minutes during
my testing and I certainly did see a ball striking improvement now it should
carry out that by saying that I am one of those players who has a bit of a
risky horrible swing so I am the perfect target market for this training aid but
it did deliver so big investment 75 pounds but if you do struggle and you do
plan on making lots of swinging improvements I’d consider this I thought
it you know really did deliver if I had to pick a favorite which I’ll try and do
now between these four devices I think it’s probably the skills golf grip
trainer that just about edges it I’ll tell you why firstly the value I think
410 pounds you know no one’s going to sort of worry about spending that on
their game so value definitely a big tick secondly it’s the versatility it’s
so small it just goes in a pocket you can you know have a swing with it maybe
while you’re making tea at work you can keep it in your golf bag because it will
fit in any pocket in your golf bags are very very versatile and then thirdly
it’s because so many players will benefit from this if you’re a scratch
golfer who just wants to check your fundamentals and you’ll love this if
you’re new golfer that’s never played before and you want to learn how to hold
a golf club you’ll love this and anybody in between that just wants to keep rely
on the fundamentals make sure they’re not slipping during the season you know
you’ll really like this so for me the skills golf grip trainer was probably
the best of the bunch but each one offers something a little bit different
so you know it depends on the player and what you’re trying to improve along
those lines maybe you can tell me your favorite training aids and these are
some of mine that I spotted online but what have you been using have you got
maybe a homemade device have you bought something similar to one of these let me
know in the comments below I’d love to see your favorites and see if we can
maybe test some of those out in the future
and but for now from villa mora it’s time say goodbye

10 thoughts on “Best Golf Training Aids | Gear Test | Golf Monthly

  1. Have, or had, a lot of them but for me the puttout training device stands out. Use it at home with a welling putting mat almost every day ??

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  6. Great additional uses not mentioned for the alignment sticks are
    1. No itch is unreachable
    2. It's great for speeding up the slowest player in your foursome.
    3. You can harpoon your golf instructor if you're not improving faster than he is charging you

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