(club swinging) – Well hi, I’m Adam Bazalgette, founder of Scratch Golf Academy. And today’s subject, best golf swing takeaway
drill for your driver. (dramatic classical pop music) So best golf swing takeaway
drill for your driver. I’ll actually show you my favorite drill, but I’ll show you three
different versions of it that I think you’ll like, hopefully it’ll be helpful to ya. If you like the channel, please subscribe, is my home website. (club swinging) Alright, before we look at this drill, let’s touch on a couple
of very critical points just to get started. This driver is designed
on a fairly flat angle. That means it needs to
come in more this way at a fairly shallow plane. I’m telling you, if you
take it inside too much it’s typically gonna come over the top, you’re not gonna hit
the ball that solidly. In addition, when golfers come out here, the club prematurely
gets close to the ball. Great players that keep
it back here longer maintain more space
between club and the ball. Gives them more whip at the bottom. So the takeaway’s critical. It’s doable if you whip it inside, but it’s pretty darn difficult. Look at a couple of top players. We’ll get right back out
and check out the drill. So Tiger Woods on the left,
Brooks Koepka on the right. Let’s stop Tiger about there, that’s a pretty good pair of players. And Brooks, let’s say right about there, we could give him one more frame, but let’s go right there. What you’ll notice, the club
is more inline with that trail or right forearm there, and it doesn’t get back this
way as so many players do. Very difficult way to play. You’ll see more of a convex
kind of an angle there. And just generally, the club
is looking more that way, and it doesn’t get behind them. Now interestingly enough,
if you look at, say, Tiger there in the takeaway,
look at his right wrist and club shaft there. Look at it approaching contact. That’s a different look. A really dynamic look. Same look for Brooks Koepka. So it is a lot easier to get there if you get that good takeaway. Okay, so let’s look at this drill of three different versions of it. My favorite’s actually
the one we’ll do third, more of an image than anything. First version though, grip it
normally with the left hand, take your right hand, flatten it, and put it in front of the shaft. So I can feel the shaft
against the back of my fingers. In the first place,
you can’t grab the club and whip it inside when you do that. Secondly, you have a real sense, I’m telling you, if you
are throwing something or skipping a rock here like that, you wouldn’t twist your hand, so you have a real sense
for where this right hand is aimed for the right handed golfer. And you really have a
sense that, you know what, there is a very slight arc. It’s not aiming directly straight. But it surely isn’t aimed
over here like that. And of course your right palm in this case really corresponds with the club face. You start to get a wonderful sense there of how the takeaway should feel. You’ve gotta be able to feel
things in order to do them in your swing. So here’s this drill from this angle. And again, I have a real
sense of the hand and the club looking this way. And a real concave sense
between the left arm and club, not the convex sense that we normally see so many people have. Here’s version number two of the drill, and for this one, normal grip here. And I’m gonna reach down
maybe halfway off the grip with the my right hand. The club will probably hover
a little bit off the ground. And in this drill, you
can really tell when your hands are split when your right arm falls. It is, couldn’t be anymore obvious. So I get the feeling that
I can start back here, right hand feels more on top. It gives you a nice
sense of some structure in that right arm there. And again I can feel that
the golf club’s looking a lot more this way. Just pump it a few times,
get the sense of it, then slide your hand up and see if you can feel the same thing. It’s a nice feel. Okay, number three, this is my favorite, this is a good mental picture. Picture a little light or a laser light pointed at you sticking out
of the handle of the club. And as you start that
backswing in the very first part of it, feel like that would
either point at your pocket or even point slightly
behind your right leg. Most of the people I see
immediately that light would shine over here as they
take the club to the inside and over activate that hand. Now, couple of things, very important. Don’t start placing the club
no matter what the drill with these hand muscles. That’s what people tend to do. We’ve gotta feel the
sense of the body and arms working in harmony. A sense of everything flowing. But we can still have a
sense of where the club is with these hands if we’re
not placing it there. And number two, quite honestly, you know in teaching golf
I see people maybe do a bunch of drills, they look really good, whack the ball, doesn’t look like that. What happens? The mind’s just too keen
on hitting the ball. There’s too much interference. And they just react and
the old pattern shows up. If you’re gonna work on these things, and I hope you will, you gotta work at it here, there’s my light shining more behind me, and just commit to that
and hang in there with that and relax and let what happens happen. It’ll start to show up for you. So here’s the feel. Again I’m not gonna place it. I’m gonna just feel like that
club points either at this pocket or behind it. More of a cup feeling here. Once I’ve felt it a few
times, maybe some shots on a small scale. Maybe after a minute or two, you start to get this and
then feel in the way down a little more what we saw the pros do. Feel a little bit of that,
let’s try that feeling. There we go. (club swinging) I kinda like the way
that club moved there. Felt like it had the sequence or the positions about right. Try these drills. They’re not just one time only. Try them, try them, use them regularly, you know, before you
hit T shots when you’re out on the golf course. Pick your favorite. So I hope that helps
you with best golf swing takeaway drill for your driver. Be patient with yourself. Work on these things. You can do it. You can make some progress. (upbeat funky pop music)

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