Best Bottom Hand Hitting Drill

Hey, what`s going on, guys? Today, I want
to share with you the best bottom hand hitting drill.
OK. Now, first of all, let`s talk why bottom hand hitting drills are really important.
I think a lot of guys, a lot of younger baseball players are very top hand dominant, OK, and
what happens is, when your top hand dominant, you start to release the barrel earlier, your
top hands start taking over early and if that happens, your hands could get out a little
bit away from your body and you start to roll over in that swing.
So, bottom hand hitting drills where you swing only one hand are very important but, when
I see a lot of guys doing when they are doing a normal one handed bottom hand drill is they
will get real long and kind of drag that bat through, especially if they are using their
regular bat which is a little bit heavier so that is not great, it`s not promoting good
hitting mechanics. So, this is my favorite bottom hand hitting drill.
What are you going to do is obviously, you want to maintain your lower body mechanics,
make sure you stay in a good spot with your lower body, but the only difference is you`re
going to go all the way down maybe choke up slightly, I like to go all the way down on
this one though, with my bottom hand and then I`m going to take my top hand and turn it
over just underneath the stripe maybe a little bit lower. So I got my thumb going down right
here and all I`m going to do is lead with that bottom hand first and keep this barrel
in close to my body. My elbow is going to come down like in my normal swing, I`m, going
to get right here, coming to that ball, my shoulder and elbow should get in line with
the ball on the tee or if I’m doing front toss with this as well and the I want to release
the barrel through that ball. I`m actually going to push that bat through this ball a
little bit, OK? But I want to use that bottom hand to get to where I`m going. I`m not going
to push with this hand until I get here to the ball, so it`s going to look a little something
like this. So this I how you should look when you go
full speed with it. You want to think line drive up the middle or slightly opposite field.
So give this drill a try and make sure, when you`re doing it, to keep that bottom hand
dominant until your body eyes which are your back knee, bellybutton and your neck are on
that ball. Then you can go ahead and release that top hand, shoot it straight up the middle
or slightly opposite field. If you found this video helpful, please subscribe,
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7 thoughts on “Best Bottom Hand Hitting Drill

  1. Cool video! I am also a true believer that the bottom hand is the dominant hand in today's game. It allows you to pull the bat through the zone. Whereas the top hand is a playing as a guide through the zone. Great video!

  2. Awesome drill.  The ONLY thing I would add is a "Steve Springer" emphasis on staying inside the ball and creating that bottom hand momentum to attack the inside of the ball, similar to a driver in golf.  Top hand momentum is bat speed.  Bat speed=power.  Great video and angles to show anyone how to maximize the drill.  

  3. Hello I will do a video this weekend and would like your input on my swing.. I will do this drill but correct me if I'm wrong by the looks of this bottom hand drill it looks like the bottom hand is going str8 down to the ball… Isn't that a no no a str8 line to the ball your thoughts?

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