100 thoughts on “Best Birdie Noise in Golf!

  1. Awesome as usual can’t wait for your next video I love the interaction between father and son reminds me of when I was a little boy me and my dad used to do things keep up the great work congratulations on the new house it’s nice to know you have windows now I can’t wait to see the finished product by the way top golf opens up in Louisville Kentucky next summer

  2. I wish I could play on courses where the grass isn't completely dried up. Where I live wherever your ball lands is either completely dried up, or somehow a massive wet spot and you get splashed when you hit. Even though it's good practice for the very very few times I can leave this area to go play golf, I never get the feel of a well set up golf course. At least when other people come to compete at our course, I have less struggles because these are the conditions I'm used to.

  3. You know what you should have Lincoln do he should go to a golf course and find a junior golfer and play a 9 holes with Him or her

  4. Lincoln you got game! Great swing but spend more time at the greens, pitch and putt! Drive for show, Putt for dough isn’t a saying for nothing! It will lower your score quickly. Lessons and fitted clubs as well!

  5. "This fairway is not as wide as it looks from up there. It is pretty short."

    wide vs short
    wide vs narrow?

  6. Hey I was just wondering if lincoln does pga junior league because my all star match is coming up. Also what is Lincoln’s handicap if he has one? Thanks for the great vids ♥️

  7. Hi great video. Can you get Lincoln to make a video please showing how to T-off using the driver ? I also golf left but can not find many demo videos that are done left handed. When I T off most of the time my T shots go way left. Thanks.

  8. If you're ever in Scotland and want a good place to golf go to cruden bay golf club honestly one of the best in Scotland (apart from St. Andrews)!

  9. MORE GOLF!! ??? Also I just watched your April fools video on seeing what's inside Lincoln and I thought you were gonna do an xray or something ??

  10. Lincoln could use his driver against a ball with a drone that opens up on the inside. He hits it off the top of the mountain near Area 51 and sends drones in to take out the guards

  11. Fly out to Ohio, and play me at my home course. You think this course is hard, try playing on hills on hills on hills

  12. Yesterday I got my first birdie with a chip in which I could not even see the hole. I’m ten so I was so happy. My dad just yelled it’s in the hole

  13. im not a golf coach but dan your chipping would be much more predictable and accurate if you follow the club through instead of just jabbing at it. Think of it like a putting stroke

  14. Dan we have a very similar bag. I use the m6 irons. M2 Hybrid and a putter I can’t use very well. But my putting isn’t bad as yours no offense

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