Best Baseball TTM Signers For 2018

what’s up everybody TTM Troy here from – hey I have a special video for you this week or today – and the
whole week and next week and probably the next 52 weeks? Maybe! I want to let
you all know some of you might see my Instagram post over the weekend I have
compiled THE LIST of major league baseball players that are signing TTM
this year. This … this is an amazing list I went through over 1100
different successes posted to social media since Spring Training started and
I went through one by one on a certain hashtag TTM success and I started just
ranking you know putting tallies about what people are getting back whether it
was signed in blue or or black ink whether they included their jersey
number whether they personalized whether they put Bible verses on the cards all
of this information and I compiled the list there are over 200 names on that
list that are sure to be your TTM hot lists for this year 2018 and probably
next year spring training the 2019 spring training because if they signed
one year during spring training chances are they might sign during the season
and the next year at spring training but this video I want to tell you the top 10
players that return successes during 2018 Spring Training. We’re in the first
week of regular season so let’s go with let’s go in reverse order because that’s
how you do it right? So here is number 10 right here. Number 10 is Daniel Robertson
from the Tampa Bay Rays he usually signs in black or blue ink
and doesn’t really personalize doesn’t put his jersey number on just plain
TTM’s from Daniel Robertson coming in at number 10. Next at number 9 Mark
Canha of the Oakland Athletics. (I’m kind of stuttering here I’m just so excited to get these to you) Mark Canha
from the Oakland Athletics who usually signs in black ink as you can see right
there and he usually puts his jersey number on the card when he sends it back. Mark Canha. Next we have a newcomer to TTM successes from the Philadelphia
Phillies think it’s the Pat Neshek – Nick Pivetta. Nick Pivetta signs in black or
blue although he’s been told to sign in blue by TTM great Pat Neshek To increase
your success of getting a Nick Pivetta graph you want to include a TTM or
autograph from another player either baseball or hockey and send it to him
and the card you want signed to the Philadelphia Phillies. Number 7 – Zack
Davies Milwaukee Brewers usually signs in black ink
Zack Davies coming in at number seven from the Milwaukee Brewers. Like I said
then this next person is also on the Brewers, Chase Anderson. Chase Anderson is
at number 6 who signs in black and blue ink and chase usually puts his
jersey number on his returns so there you can see an example of that – Chase
Anderson. Coming in at number 5 a fan favorite who is a strong returner Steve
Cishek right here from the Chicago Cubs usually signs in blue and always
always puts a Bible verse on the card as you can see Steve Cishek. Heading down
the stretch now Chance Adam’s New York Yankees usually sign some blue and
Chance usually personalizes so there you go now I don’t see many returns from the
Yankees so very surprised to see Chance Adams take up the lead here. At number
5 for the Yankees good for chance very very nice to see him returning
things. And number 3 – this one probably surprises you guys Pat Neshek of the
Philadelphia Phillies he usually signs in blue but if you send
one of his cards that have the black shirt from one of the one of his past
cards he signs in silver as well and Pat always puts his jersey number of the
card that you send so if you send a particular team he will put that jersey
number on the card again coming in at number three some people probably
thought it was number one. So, getting down to the wire here number two Raiasel
Iglesias from the Cincinnati Reds usually signs in black ink and
usually includes his jersey number there you go Raisel Iglesias I got him back
last year I didn’t ride this year might try them during the regular season
Cincinnati Reds there’s quite a few Reds on the list actually, And number 1
number one this year coming seemingly out of nowhere but I’ve been hearing
from many of the fans that he is a fan friendly player to put up mildly so
probably expected by his core fan base but it kind of took me by surprise like
I said I thought it would be Pat Neshek – as number one but here you go here is
number one the top TTM signer according to me and the successes that I’ve seen
on social media Danny Duffy check it out Danny Duffy usually signs in blue ink
kind of a scribble from mr. Duffy most of the time and he usually includes a
Bible verse there you go Danny Duffy from the Kansas City Royals so those are
the top 10 prospects for assigning for this 2018 baseball season to get the
whole list of over 200 200 players here’s what you got to do
you can click down below and look for the TTM hotlist link or go to this URL
right here list I’ll try to put a little thing up
here somewhere too but TTM autograph concise HotList it is
100% free 100% percent free – I don’t even ask
for your email address go ahead and download it share it with people do
whatever you want with it except publish it under your own name don’t do that but
I have a lot of fun putting this together and if you enjoy it if you
think it is valuable let me know in the comments down below by saying so, by
your likes, by your shares on Facebook and Twitter and all that stuff you can
find posst by me on Instagram you can favorite that on Instagram as well but
let me know if you like it and I’ll do it again next year but it took a lot of
time so I really hope you guys do enjoy it and it was really a lot of fun and I
learned a lot from doing this list and I am going to go send to some people right
away alright everybody thank you so much for hanging in there with me go download
that and as always let’s let’s hope for that giant mail day and may your
mailboxes be full and your stamps forever. Talk to you later guys bye bye!

21 thoughts on “Best Baseball TTM Signers For 2018

  1. This helps out quite alot! I'm gonna start out sending my first ever ttm's and this will hopefully go well! Thank you for making this video! And great job

  2. Troy thank you for this list and all you have done for the community. I would have thought Pat was #1 too, but I did get a Duffy this year as well. About to look over the list but is this just players or coaches too?

  3. Thanks for sharing! 3 of these guys are on my list. Are any of the current Dodgers good signers? Jansen used to be good. I got him 3 times between 2008-2012 and 1 IP.

  4. Thanks…I recently sent Wade Boggs a letter and a ball but he didn't sign and I was told he always signs…did I do something wrong? Do I try again?? Any advice would be helpful. Btw it was very first trying a ttm so it's kind of a bummer

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