[Music] so much the poster people tease your boys serious violent crazy locations in Paris and today we will invest a new next day open border from Paris watch this I am Benito doston users from [Music] hey you’re good yeah he’s friends with don’t worry speaking English finish first challenge figure of eight not making you have to take on maximum you know the rules you ready yeah okay [Music] five six [Music] Hey [Music] or we can call it 90 you have the new wiener for the next generation of and Buddha makes the move for baby toe ik even if you beat me at this challenge but now I want to know how is your Kasbah it’s too easy fine now is the Freestyle husband [Music] it was good but it’s not exactly that it was the pilgrims husband I won the first husband okay [Music] [Music] [Music] you do with the Kasbah but now Elba well can you stop you stop you start the other youngest okay show me your trick Wow what a trick Vinnie you think I can do it really this kid [Music] Vinnie’s right Vinnie I like your tricks but now I have a variation good good good one you made it districts you have to call it on the comment you got everything but now I want to know if you are real urban bowler can you dance yes sure it’s confident let’s see now Veneto it’s your time [Music] now it’s Benny to time [Music] that’s that back to the game [Music] okay you want to play again okay okay guy yes you see baby this crazy with the ball we’re gonna talk a little bit in French now tell me Katherine Benny wasn’t the video in 2014 and I play against him and I was impressed by started mini I say I don’t need a tune it up and gonna come out of it for a minute okay as you see you need to train and watch a lot of video obviously my video and you playing football now right you wait why do you play he played for the lava French club and watch position and you do some skill some time in the game watch me watch kids you like to do okay so all these kids step over double touch whatever you want to do in the pitch you need to be free you have to listen to your coach but also you need to push your creativity at the maximum that’s my best advice guys so I know now like I’m watching now the bottom and in my bottom there is a comment section and I see I see all your comment you all asking what is this new poll this noob always been in exclusivity today we present you the brand new Panna ball from elven board so basically you can find everyone with this but what you have to do is to order the board on elven ball calm right now for that one you need to thumbs up obviously if you’re watching the video but you are not proud of the channel you need to subscribe and now with this parable [Music] let’s go [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] we’re just like I don’t know this chair I’m gonna leave and guys I see you next time fight really put it in my friend will you do that [Music]


  1. all your videos are so magnificent, expect your english plz try to work on your pronunciation ? Good luck ?

  2. Please come to india ??. Every football player in India is a big fan of you.. I just love your tricks. God bless you……..

  3. But note african countries are good in football freestyles than all the European countries …they learnt from us and they are still learning and they take it as Europeans are good in football but its because the media don't show where they do it they think they invented that styles or skills….most Brazilians are from Africa through the slave trade….that is why they are good in soccer and streetfootball they even eat FUfU as we do here in Ghana…and they have some of our local foods there in Brazil….also most Slaves in Africa were shared most in Jamaica and Brazil..less went to America..but now America is the city of Africans

  4. Sean Garnier : Lets Play

    Ali A:Just a little music in the background
    But really did Ali A be the editor for the video.

  5. У меня есть брат который не умеет играть футбол.

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