Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 4 : How to Spot the Sicilian Opening in a Chess Game

Now we come to the last of the King’s pawn
openings that I intend to cover in this brief overview. And this is far and away the most
common alternative for black to play as opposed to pawn to King’s four; it is the so called
Sicilian Opening. And the Sicilian Opening is a game that leads to very sharp play. There
are many variants of it, new one’s coming out all the time, and really both players
have to be very conversant with it if this opening is going to be played because you
can go under pretty quickly if you play it incorrectly. There are, in fact, things like
books written about one single variant of the Sicilian response so it shows you how
key it is in modern day chess. But, without getting into all this great complexity, the
basic game starts like this. Pawn to King’s four again from white; and the black Sicilian
response, Pawn to Queen’s bishop four. And from here many different things can happen
as I mentioned. Usually the players would go into a thing called the classical Dragon,
well, I say usually. Most commonly whites next move would be to this; King’s bishop
three, which leads towards the so called Dragon variation of the opening. And the typical
black response at this point would be this. Now, the idea of this game is that black concentrates
primarily on attacking the Queen’s side; and white continues to focus more on the King’s
side but has to, as I said earlier, be extremely careful and cautious about what is happening
on the Queen’s side of the board. And if you do decide, as you develop as a chess player,
that you want to start playing the Sicilian defense, you want to study it pretty carefully
before you actually get out there at any sort of competitive level and use it.

21 thoughts on “Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 4 : How to Spot the Sicilian Opening in a Chess Game

  1. Expert Village is awful. He didn't even do the moves to the opening right. The dragon starts when black moves 5… g6. Furthermore, if he's some kind of expert, he should be using a tournament edition board. Dang, this video makes be bitch.

  2. My mentor was Boddy Fischer and my first love in playing a game would be chess.

    To master this game you need to master many keys, so you can open the doors to a good game win or lose. It's a good game that I look forward to not just a win.

    With Out Wax

  3. Showing only the first two moves of an opening is pretty irrelevant…

    ExpertVillage on the whole is dreadful. I looked up a video of some guitar guy teaching you to play a song by RATM called "bulls on parade". Yet he plays it in the wrong tuning and key…

  4. "This This This" I think you need to learn how to read a chessboard before you teach people on the internet. Also, you should learn your openings more, not just the first move. Thank you.

  5. Poor guy is just excited about chess, this is youtube not an investor's proposal. The thing about yourube is anyone can post, if you don't like it rate it down.

    And who says thank you at the end of a post? What kind of self absorbed curiosity is that? And Stop killing captains, we need them to maintain an orderly army. Thank you.

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