Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 1 : What is Passing in a Chess Game

There is one more basic thing that you do
have to know about movements of the pieces before you can actually play chess and that
is a situation known as en passant and that is actually French for in passing and again
it is something like the queening was unique to the pawns and it is something that happens
in this situation. Here we have a white pawn and it is blacks first, well black’s move.
Now if you remember black pawn has the option of moving one square or two squares. Now if
it moved one square it could of course be taken by the white pawn which you’ll recall
takes diagonally, however, if black on its first pawn move goes for the two square move
and finishes there, under the en passant law white can still take it and what would happen
is that the pawn would be removed and the white pawn would go to there so that it would
actually move as if black had only moved one square although it did move two but under
the en passant law white has the option if it wishes, it doesn’t have to do it, of taking
it, capturing it and going there. The important thing to note is that if you are going to
play en passant you have to play it immediately after this pawn is moved. You cannot have
the pawn come there, make a couple of other moves, and then decide to do en passant. If
you are going to do it, you’ve got to do it immediately.

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  1. i get it but i can use this in any chess game at school or some thing and not even the teachers will know that you can do that but thanks 4 the lesson anyway

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