Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 1 : More Beginning Chess Tips

So in this opening show I’ve attempted to
outline the very rudimentary basics of the game. The board, the pieces, the setting up
of the board, the movements of the pieces And some of the anomalies that exist ampersand
and so on which are played regularly and that you do need to know about. However, of course,
we have not yet really got on to the subject for well how do you become a good chess player.
Fine, now you know how to move pieces around but in course there’s a vast amount that you
now have to learn. And in my next show I will start on that subject.

7 thoughts on “Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 1 : More Beginning Chess Tips

  1. where can I find a clear overview of all your chess lessons? the account of expertvillage is too large to find it back…

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