100 thoughts on “Become A BETTER FOOTBALL PLAYER With This Skill! ★

  1. You guys are such good footballers and you work so hard to edit your videos.You guys are an inspiration for people around the world.Continue with your hard work.🤗 Jag är svensk förresten.

  2. I learned this move online a few years ago. This is my favorite move to use it with a man on my back. I have used it about five times in games and it has worked every single time so far. If you notice from the video you turn your back to the defender when doing the move and have to turn a complete 360 degrees. If he is already on your back you end up facing him after 180 degrees and can be done quicker. The roll and twisting of your body gets the defender to shift his weight in that direction. The quick touch with your heel in the other direction will break his ankles!

  3. u guys are amazing i dont have words to explain u dont play football actually u play with the ball. is the ball ur friend or something.so much control

  4. Hi skilltiwns can you make a tutorial of the move at 1:22 I would like to learn it I don't know if you have a tutorial already if you do can you please give the link to it please and thank you

  5. This video is really helpful to becoming a good football player. I really like your skills. Rickey Brady is a high school coach, college football coach, and the director of his own specialized football skills camp known as Kamp Brady. To know more about Rickey, visit: http://www.nfl.com/player/rickeybrady/2499758/profile

  6. I'm really bad at football and we did in it PE, when we were practicing are football skills I did the rainbow flick I think it was called and it went over my head, thanks for the tipsssss so I can be a good footballer in games I will start practicin!

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