Bear Tales – Beach Volleyball

This may look like a fun party but it is actually UCA’s newest sanctioned sport Beach Volleyball. “Well we have beach volleyball which we’re really excited about. Just so thrilled with our athletic department with Dr. Teague and President Courtway at the time who supported this and they asked us what our number-one priorities were and we told them facilities and beach scholarships and we thank them so much for listening to that and and giving us this beautiful beautiful facility that we get to practice in every single day. Conway may not be known as a beach destination but it is now the location of the only collegiate beach volleyball program in the state. “Yes so about five years ago we started seeing this was an emerging sport in the NCAA it was called sand volleyball is what they were entitled it. Since then, five years later we have it. The students built these great courts, three sand courts so that was an expense we didn’t have and then we added you know young women to our program to have another sport. This is different from indoor volleyball it is beach volleyball now the NCAA decided instead of sand volleyball let’s try to match up with what the Olympics are doing, what professionals do, it’s called beach volleyball and we’re just we couldn’t be more proud to have this and more excited about today.” And because it’s a new sport for UCA no one knew how good the Beach Bears would be. “They were ten and three the only losses are two ranked teams this year so it’s been a great inaugural season. There are five in our conference you have to have seven to be a conference sport and by 2020 we’ll have eight in the conference so we will be a conference sport, will have an automatic qualification to the NCAA tournament but yes we’re the only one in Arkansas right now to have beach volleyball and that is exciting.” “These guys have just worked their tails off and bought into the vision that we have for this program and what we’re trying to do and I can’t thank them enough and you know they’re the reason we have the record that we do and only losing to ranked teams.” For more information on UCA go to or

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